Tummo For Cannabis Users

Tummo Breathing Meditation and is referred to by “Ice Man” Wim Hoff in his practice as “Inner Fire”.  This is no coincidence as the Tibetan translation for Tumo is “inner fire” and the sanskrit equivalent is “chandali” which also has a translation in tibetan to “fierce” “feminine” “fierce feminine”. Tummo has been used for thousands […]

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A note on OG Analytical.  I am someone who praises pluralism and lives by the credo of live and let live and my life is a remarkable series of events that has taught me that being compassionate and truly humane within yourself is the most powerful vehicle for self realization.  Bigotry and discrimination outwardly is […]


Marijuana Mannequins 

“Whoever has come to understand the world has found (only) a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world.” Serious Question About American Society:  If people are propagandized enough to think “marijuana” is a real plant, that really exists somewhere because their moralistic parents, teachers, priests, and politicians said it was […]

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Palm Lab Cannabis Analytics

Palm Lab Cannabis Analytics  – Every human has an analytical lab in their hand(S), on the front, center. Chinese call it “Palace of Toil” or “Lao Gong”. It’s also a Ying Spring Fire Point and integrally important for Chinese traditional healing as well as internal arts and traditional martial arts.   – With it (them) […]

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Prohibitionist Re-Education Packet

LINK TO PDF E-BOOK PACKET Prohibitionist citizens are confused, non-critical thinking adults – or useful tools attempting to racketeer something percieved as a commodity. Both have reading to do.  This packet serves as a base-level amount of education that every American should absorb so that the ignorance of pious moralism doesn’t creep in to their […]

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