Israel Draws Closer to Being the World’s Cannabis Research Front


SyqeMedical Vaporizor.  In a period where Israel is garnering bad press the world over for it’s continued role in the middle east, we’re finding that they are pushing ahead with cannabinoid and horticultural cannabis research funded by the state and directed towards their many combat veterans and elderly.  Many of the worlds leading most cannabis researchers and authors are Israeli and have been able t push forward with research only dreamt about in other places of the world because of drug laws and restrictions against trial testing. 

The Israelis are being very pragmatic and using cannabinoids for a wide range of medicinal uses, including PTSD from combat, and helping people recover from head injuries.  Much of the obstacles we face here in the USA making cannabis acceptable to the medical establishment are not in existence in Israel and they have created a granule package that can be vaporized in to the lungs with a semi-accurate ability to gauge mg and the amount of cannabinoids activated within that medium. 

This product is the first of many that will come to surface so that medical communities can start using cannabis in it’s “raw form” or as close to it as possible.  Much of the plant’s beneficial aspects are lost or mutated when compounds are isolated and made synthetically. 

Of course any headway that Israel makes, will be disseminated across the globe.  They are doing humankind’s work because here in the states, our government is tied to pharma, energy, and the prison complex.  We can’t expect our politicians to push for this type of research because they have been lobbied by the industries that cannot stand to see cannabis become known for what it really is.  


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