Life After Death Cannabis Concept Could Turn Cemeteries in to Public Gardens


Another article on the generational gap in our world today.  Much of the culture we drag along with us has to do with religion and dogma.  This is the case to the notion of burial and the idea that humans should be kept intact and given a permanent place to rot, and place to visit by breathing brethren.

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This notion has played it’s part in history and now we have burial grounds all across the lands of people we’ve long forgotten, and never visit.

Two companies and a Canna Clatch idea can change all of this land use insanity and religious dogma so that we can have a better relationship with the dead, the afterlife, and the land we’ve long associated wi the deceased.

You die, you need to decide what to do with your body.  The 2nd question is whether you’re going to stake out a plot for the end of eternity.

Right now, the majority of people ask to be stuck in a box or turned in to ashes that then get stuck in the ground and given a stone with some etchings.

In the future, we religion and dogma have less leverage on the decisions of people’s afterlife choices, we will have the ability  to create vast horticultural parks where the deceased remains are taken and used as a compost mixture for a shade tree, fruit tree, cannabis plant or something specific that the individual could select from.

In the future, there will be a reasonable price to ask to squash our carbon remains down in to a shaded luminescent stone that can then be planted in the soil with the seeds and carried up through the trunk of the organism that is grown the spot.

There  is a bit of a permaculture aspect to these new notions Canna Clatch is suggesting.  Not only will we do away with huge parcels of urban land that never get used and weird people out, but we can create beautified plots that allow us to remember those who came before while honoring the land, soil and the balance we can have with it.  



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