The United States Government Owns A Patent…..


People the world over are coming out of the woodwork with their success stories regarding cannabis.  Israel is pushing forward with their own trials for several human conditions including battle fatigue and PTSD. 

As we see more and more official medical bodies pick up cannabis for studies that will further confirm what has been known for centuries by many cultures, that the active compounds in cannabis, offer the human body a means for balance and recuperation. 

The United States Government knows this and if they were hiding the fact that they know this, it would be one thing, but they have a public patent on the medicinal benefit of cannabis

(Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants US 6630507 B1).  To make matters even worse, the lead professor for the Univ of MS Govt run cannabis lab has his own personal patents and corporations for the research of the extraction and synthesis of the compounds. 

The thing that we need to remember about the “Federal Government” is it’s not a thing, it operates at the behest of the American people and is made up of American people.  Some of these people use Cannabis themselves for the healing and stress relieving properties.  Many people are fully capable of working for a government, earning a pension and going their whole lives using Cannabis and not feeling like their employer should probably be held accountable for holding a plant away from people when it has a patent on the fact that it heals people.

This is the equivalent of slow genocide.  Cancer and other debilitating and lethal medical issues could be wholly prevented if people had open access to Cannabinoid Therapy.  The Federal Government has specific people in place to create policy that looks out for the commonwealth of the people and this topic should be first on their list for the POTUS to concern himself with. 

Not only could unfathomable amounts of pain and death be removed from the human condition, but an untold amount of economic opportunity could come to the average rural family for their ability to cultivate industrial and medicinal species of cannabis to bring to market.

The slow genocide and unmentionable suffering will continue until enough people decide to march on Washington (where it’s now legal to recreate) and demand that an Un-Scheduling by the DEA occurs for Cannabis and that all Citizens should have the right to cultivate and imbibe freely.  

Canna Clatch - US Govt Owns Cannabis Patent 6630507 B1


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