54.8 percent majority win VERSUS 58 percent

Canna Clatch Reports Floridas NO on 2

54.8% of Oregon Voters enacted a legalization measure for Cannabis.  This is called a majority and is a simple principle where more want something than less. 

This simple principle is the reason why Oregon is a nicer place to live than Florida.  Florida had a chance to pass their measure 2, a medical cannabis measure and although the majority of their voters casted a yes ballot, they did not reach the required percentage to enable the measure.  This is a stipulation on majority vote and requires a heavy majority in order to pass legislation. 

Had this happened in Oregon, many voters would have been extremely disappointed that a measure that has more people supporting than not, gets thrown by the wayside.

It didn’t though and now Oregon joins Colorado, Washington, District of Columbia, and Alaska as the refugee areas of our country where Cannabis cultivators can practice in peace. 

Florida will maintain it’s reputation as being the most pharmaceutically corrupted and prescribed state in the Union.  The state with the most elderly, the most retirees, and arguably the most need for Cannabis in their medical culture. 

Now, just by changing your time zone, you can go from getting arrested for having a few seeds in your cupholder in your car, to being able to cultivate up to 10 plants (4 for legal, 6 for medical), and possess up to 20 ounces at your residence. 

Lets not get in an uproar about the fact that more Floridians per capita voted for medical Cannabis than Oregonians did per capita for legalization.  Yet Oregon becomes the better place to live. 


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