Hits From the Bong – Baby Boomer Edition!

In the newest viral video, three elderly suburban Caucasian women pass the bong and talk about experiencing “recreational cannabis” for the first time.  That is to say “enjoying cannabis for it’s social benefits”. 

They do a little jenga, some cards against humanity and generally speak to the gentle and uplifting nature of their experience.  This is world class journalism that is being done on YouTube.  This is the sort of civilian journalism that Canna Clatch endorses and strives to create. 

Canna Clatch endorses vaporization with the use of an Herbalizer Smart Vape Device so that the elderly people in our lives can dial in and ingest exactly the amount of Cannabinoids that suits them. 

Congratulations to Cut Video on Youtube for dropping a massive consciousness bomb on the internet and opening many new people up to the idea of creating a relationship, or new relationship, with Cannabis. 

Canna Clatch - Baby Boomer Generation Hits the Bong


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