Early Christians and the Cannabis Anointing Hut

“The medical use of cannabis during that time is supported by archaeological records”

Chris Bennet


Anyone who is capable of looking at scientific archeological records can surmise that Cannabis played a very important role in the early Christian era.  Remember that Christianity is a relatively new spiritual tradition and has fundamental roots that overlap many other spiritual traditions that have very open relationships with Cannabis and her Spiritual benefits. 

Early Christians used Cannabis in ceremony in several ways.  Anointing oil is one of them, but another is the use of the drum hut. 

Simply put, an enclosed structure, such as a walled tent is created and a heated center fire ring is created to allow cannabis oils and flowers to be burned slowly and with no ventilation inside.  Drum and dance was the medium for anyone to use to illicit their inner spiritualism.  The idea that movement done spontaneously with the creative unlocking that cannabis has on our human selves – done co-creatively in community and mutual respect and jubilation. 

Spiritual and Spontaneous Dance is what brings us closer to God.

Canna Clatch - Introduces the Anointing Drum Hut


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