Inside a North Pole Seed Vault – Racist Assholes

Racist Assholes Found at the SeedBank.
Racist Assholes Found at the SeedBank.

Covering the ever intriguing Norwegian Doomsday Seed Vault that has been storing and amassing seeds from around the world for safe keeping in the event that a global disaster occurs and genetics are made exinct, WeedMaps unknowingly uncovered racism.

Somehow, over 39 deposits have been made that fit the category of Cannabis.  Somehow, the racist assholes working at the Nordic seedbank reported that “only 8 of the deposits are described as hemp” and “the others listed as marijuana”.

Somehow this extreme future that the Nordic people are preparing for, also has to include the racial ethnophaulism delineation of “marijuana” vs “hemp” vs “cannabis”.

This is not useful as the categorization of cannabis is more easily structured between Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, Africanis, and Sativa-H for the industrial, broad-farmed cousin that we love so much for it’s fiber, seeds, and oil. (and now finding Cannabidol CBD) 

Hemp is old English and has been used to apply to several variants of cannabis throughout the ages and the prefix “indian”, “chord”, “seed” many times had to come before the word hemp to further detail what you were specifying. 

Marijuana is a Spanish term used for the same tall, lanky industrial, broad-farmed plant that “hemp” referred to.  The U.S. Government propagandized the term “Marihuana” to demonize bracero workers and other agricultural based migrant Hispanics that were encroaching on southern and southwestern states at a time of major racial prejudices and xenophobia. 

The U.S. Government was successful in adding to the lexicon of the citizenry, a narcotic version of hemp that is the scourge of the nation.  This term was marijuana and because of this it remains an ethnophaulism that is widely used by media, medical, and government establishments. 

Clearly there should be tens of thousands of Sativa-H cultivar seeds in this Nordic seedbank, and hundreds of thousands of the rest of Cannabis many heavenly manifestations. 

Lets not be greedy with the Land Race Strains either guys, we’re going to need them even more than our wonderful hybrids if the shit really hits the fan. 


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