Generation X Reefer Madness


Yahoo recruits fresh-faced Generation X Neuro-Nerd to Perpetuate “Pot Fear”

“Pot Does This to Your Brain” Yahoo Video Link

Yahoo, ever known for it’s whitewash news reporting and constant regurgitation of the AP, RT and other longstanding media misinformation aggregators, has debuted a new fresh young face to comment on the brain scans of select few people who have admitted to using “pot chronically”. 

@PolyCrystalHD introduces herself as a neuroscientist and gives herself a disclaimer in the beginning that is almost as long as the actual information she wanted to purport.  The disclaimer is needed, too, as the medical info she is dissecting is severely substantial and has no chance of being extrapolated to any useful theory.  She has no idea if the water in Boston has contaminants that shrink people’s brains, or if they smoked meth for a while and didn’t want to specify that they were using Cannabis to deal with long term chronic affects of pharmaceutical consumption or hard drug use.

She may want to be careful about her nomenclatures too, as someone may come along and want to interview her from her own Generation, using different terms she’s not use to.  If we were to sit down with her, our Cannabis use would need to be categorized within her interpretation of what is “heavy, chronic pot use”. 

We here at Canna Clatch would most certainly fit her description and with our neuro-capabilities fully intact, can demonstrate how Cannabis is not addictive, does hot create withdrawal symptoms and the euphorant nature of THC is actually inhibiting to the creative and research process – one would think her videos and tone should change quite drastically.  

She says she has a favorite center of the brain that has to do with pleasure sensation, and constantly feeding this part of the brain with THC could lead to physiological addiction. 

She forgot the human, and non-science aspect to her statement, that people seek out experiences that bring them pleasure.  What comes first, the addiction to pleasure, or the impetus to seek pleasure?

If it feels good, and makes you healthy, have a Canna Clatch!

We’ll be in touch with Crystal to see if she’d like to do an interview to talk more about her understanding of Cannabinoids, and their part in making the U.S. Govt take out a patent on their Neuroprotectant capabilities. 


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