Increasing Cannabinoid Potency With Lecithin & Vibrations – The Budwig Protocol

Many people discover Cannabis Oil, and it’s many processes to prepare it.  Then they discover the many protocols that have been created to administer it to the body.  The Budwig Protocol is one of many but holds a few very unique qualities that increase the bioavailability of Cannabinoids to the various receptors in the body.

This protocol helps your oil allotment go A LONG WAY.  Most straight ingestion or suppository protocols call for up to a gram of oil a day to help fight away late stage cancer and other life altering diagnosis.  The Budwig protocol can use up to 1/10 of this amount and render the body incapacitated as the absorption of THC and other cannabinoids becomes water soluble so that each of our cells can absorb the active compounds, and this is ideal when there are tumors or cysts that need to be dissolved.

This protocol could have just as easily been named the “Get Totally and Completely Snookered By Cannabinoids” because it gets you really, really inebriated.  The term high does not enter the Canna Clatch lexicon but his is indeed the term that most members of the online FB community use to describe their first few experiences on the protocol.

Even patients with a very high tolerance to THC from long term smoking and eating of Cannabis products are rendered incapacitated by their first few doses of the lecithin & cheese protocol.  Sleep is generally what the body asks for once the person has put the strange concoction in their mouth.  Strain and processing procedure of the oil also has an impact on how you feel once the medicine is absorbed in to the body.

Diet is also a very major component of the Budwig Protocol, as it should be with any serious health program.  There are very specific types of food that should be avoided while fighting cancer and other health issues – Meat and Sugar being two of them.  Here is the protocol recipe below.  Please use the sources for further information.

Daily Dose Recipe

3 – Three Tablespoons of Lecithin

6 – Six Heaping Tablespoons of Cottage Cheese

3 – Three Tablespoons of Raw Flax Seed

The first phase of the process is to mix  your Cannabis Oil with your Lecithin in a Large Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for 30 minutes and let cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.  Remove and give 2 more 3 minute ultra-sonic cycles.

The second phase of the process is mixing  your Cottage Cheese with the Flaxseed Oil with a hand blender and adding one quarter teaspoon of black pepper and blend thoroughly and let sit for eight minutes after you’ve added your Lecithin mixture.

The third and optional step is to thin out the mixture with fresh juice, almond milk or a fruit yogurt.

Be careful with this recipe and protocol, we left out the Citicoline that the protocol says helps with the euphorant aspect of doing the protocol!


Budwig Protocol Site

Budwig Protocol FB Group

Budwig Protocol Document – 11-8-2014


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