Old World Clove Syrup for THC Cleansing

Many times StrainHunters have to analyze their tolerance to THC and moderate their intake, or take a total cleansing break from Cannabinoids completely in order to allow the receptors to fully recover, cleanse and allow the body’s overall tolerance to recede so that more benefit can be had from our medicine.

Cannabis is not addictive and our bodies do not have physical withdrawal symptoms.  This is not debatable among long time Cannabis users.  However, the body does detox when remove cannabis from your diet and allow your glands and organs to take in clean water and food. 

One very popular method of cleansing is to sweat out the excess THC that is stored in our largest organ – the epidermis.  Doing this would require that you do a good job of remove the sweat from your body as you excrete it.  Ignoring this step is a sure way to get an intensely potent shot of THC back through to your liver.  This has been done on purpose by a few Altruistic StrainHunters and can be excellent for lucid dreaming and inducing appetite. 


Before you’re scheduled cleanse, it may be to your advantage to whip up a batch of Old World Clove Syrup so that you can aid in your cleanse of the fats and organs.   This is a very simple recipe and is not unlike making Canna-Tincture. 

12 Cloves of Garlic – Cut into quarters. 

1 Liter of Red Wine

Put the quartered cloves in a jar with the wine and put the jar in a light window.  Twice a day, shake the jar so that the contents agitate.  On the 15th day, strain the contents and store at room temp.  One teaspoon, three times per day for as long as a month should offer the cleansing benefits that this old world concoction offers.   THC cleanses can usually go from a few days to a few weeks depending on the situation and desired outcome and please acknowledge the scent that garlic gives off through your skin pores when around company or in sweaty circumstances.  CannaClatchTHCCleanseS


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