“We don’t actually smoke weed,” says Joel Stanley

That’s your first BIG RED FLAG right there.  

Calling it weed, and acting like they don’t need it or want it, or use it for their own health.  

The Stanley’s are a fraud and if they have any ethical fiber in their being, they will use their bully pulpit to bring up the point that our U.S. Govt has a patent on the curative properties of Cannabis, while incarcerating and seizing the property of many thousands of citizens for harboring and cultivating the very plant the Government has patented.  There should be no need for wait lists or re-homing yourself to CO. 

Cannabis should be free to cultivate as personal right, protected by the Constitution such as bearing arms or freedom of speech.  

This cherry picking, political pandering that the Stanley Bros are involved in is going to be karmic for them in the end.  It’s a plant, it can be cloned and grown freely across the land.  Just give people the cutting and stop being VENTURE CAPITALISTS with a plant that can help untold thousands of people.  

Charlottes Web has high CBD….yes

So does half a dozen other strains that are freely being traded in medical communities across the nation.  Cannatonic, Shark Shock, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, Valentine X, ACDC, Harle Sue.

Altruism cultivates powerful Cannabis and when you have a strain that has benefiial properties, you clone it and give it freely to the people in your circles.  This is co-evolution. 

Realm of Caring is Realm of Funnel Marketing


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