Give it Back to the Young Ones – Canna-nomics

The US Economy has not been kind to young job market entries.  Not only are less jobs available, but there are more people with high level educations positioning for those less jobs.  Many young and middle aged Americans are dreaming up their careers in the Cannabis Industry.

We’re finding that the economic implications for legalization are still being realized but the trend is that jobs  are being created at a staggering rate, in areas where unbridled investment and business activity is occurring in legal markets.

Budtending in dispensaries is a position that is getting a lot of recent press, but many other jobs are required for the full fledged product that is now being unleashed on the market – something professionally handled and prepared from start to finish.

This creates positions that stack on top of each other and as products become more specialized and more broad, more and more positions and qualifications will be required.  Many people are transitioning from the culinary industry to leverage their abilities in creating Cannabis-infused edibles that have a profit margin well beyond any chef salary.

The last Cannabis Cup in Colorado saw the most new millionaires made from Canna-Industry than every before in history.  These are young entrepreneurs who have staked their claim in the tidal wave of Colorado’s recreational and medical markets.

This is an unintended boost to the economics of Generation X’ers and younger.  Much of our 20 and 30’somethings have toiled in secrecy, learning the skills to cultivate and process Cannabis so that they can leverage their passion and skills to support themselves and their families when the market frees up for them to do so without danger to their freedom.  Many young people have made the choice to relocate to legal markets so that they can take part in a burgeoning industry, and test their experience and compare their Canna-Culture to others’ who’ve done the same.

Many people, regardless of age will execute their version of the American Dream.  Where they can live peacefully in the country, using their land and understanding of permaculture to support their livelihood creating a product that is in high demand in the urban markets.  Others will move to an Urban center where they can find an employer that will allow them to work in a role they feel passionate about and can look forward to every day when they leave for “work”.  Cannabis, whether grown for medicine, food, or product will give many people the liberty they have dreamed about all their lives.

Colorado is publishing roughly 3500 new jobs quarter after quarter and this number is increasing as more and more industry takes place.  Further regulation will force business to fill positions that round out the needs of the industry around packaging, testing, training, compliance, and customer service.

What is your dream Canna-Position?

Colorado Department of Revenue Numbers

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