Project CBD VS Marijuana Inc.

The Speculators and Investors have been allowed to run amok in the Snake Oil industry known as Hemp Oil, CBD Oil, and Cannabis Oil.

Marijuana Inc., named after the racial slur and ethnophaulism, has been shown to be the parent company of Kannaway and HempMeds, making a very dubious pyramid structure and multi-level sales framework.

Project CBD has released a research paper shining some light on why the products being marketed as CBD Oil have endangered countless people and taken advantage of their need for real CBD product.

Of course, CannaVest Inc., another subsidiary of Marijuana Inc. has published it’s own official response, questioning the testing procedures in the research paper.

Clearly this is not the end of the drama between the US Govt, capitalist speculators, and unscrupulous importers of industrial hemp paste.  Until we see descheduling occur for all cannabinoids, snake oil and snake oil companies will continue to sprout up with products that confuse people who have never heard of the word cannabis, cannabidol, THC, or essential oil.


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