Jocks Over Vets – Lets Not Play this Game

The United States Government has a terrible record of caring for their combat veterans.  Presently, 23 veterans per day commit suicide.  Many others turn to self abuse through drugs and escapism.  Many have suffered brain injuries from numerous sustain concussions.

The NFL also has a pool of men who’ve sustain numerous head injuries and are experiencing neurological degradation of that of a person with Alzheimers Disease.  There are over 4500 lawsuits filed against the NFL to date by previous players who’ve sustain some type of neurological trauma.

In the door walks CBD – Cannabidol – the new and exciting Cannabinoid that has been found to be a neuroprotectant in many different types of scenarios including epilepsy, dementia, and parkinsons disease.

The problem is though, that CBD is still a classified drug as a component of Cannabis and cannot be studied for it’s medicinal benefits.  That is of course, unless  you’ve been granted the exclusive license from the federal government to commercialize a medical cannabis patent held by the National Institutes of Health.

“Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” was filed in 2005 when scientists from NIH found certain cannabis compounds had neuroprotectant properties.

What this did was open the arena for a private company to come along and assume some risk to do some research that no one else gets to do.  Petkanas is that company and is pushing forward with bringing a neuroprotective drug to market.

So far, they’ve found that their concoction works on chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE that is found in NFL players (also Veterans).  “To help raise awareness about the medicinal properties of CBD and its potential applications in the world of sports, KannaLife Sciences partnered with former NFL defensive lineman, Marvin Washington, who is part of the lawsuit against the league.”

Why hasn’t KannaLife Sciences partnered with celebrity veterans and Chuck Norris to help raise awareness of brain trauma to our best and brightest, instead of our most overpaid and worthless?


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