The Will Of the People Shall Not Be Infringed


Washington DC, known as the District of Columbia holds a zoning status unique unto itself in all the United States.  Only Puerto Rico and Guantanamo hold such a unique status within the American Empire.  DC  is not a state and House of Reps has historically exerted control over policy making.

With regards to Cannabis, the control is infringing upon the will of the Voters.  People of DC voted to have Cannabis legalized and regulated so that people can cultivate and possess without being at odds with both local and federal regulation.

The Republican Led House though has put verbiage in the recent appropriations bill that blocks the regulation aspect of the voters wishes.  Only possession will be offered, the remainder of Initiative 71 and regulation will be put on hold while 800 million dollars is estimated to be brought in by Washington and Colorado due to Cannabis regulation.

The will of the people shall not be infringed.  The Political Class can only dishonor the wishes of the constituency for so long before direct intervention of the process is undertaken.

What is direct intervention?  If every cannabis user, grower, worker, processor, and advocate showed up on their state’s capitol steps on every 20th day of the month to MOB the building and show support for the victimized groups within our society – the incarcerated racial minorities, the veterans with PTSD, the children with epilepsy, the seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Read how Congress has Blocked the Will of the People with legislation wrapped in to a spending bill. 


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