Canna Clatch: Altruistic StrainHunters Presents Cannabis and Consciousness Series
Canna Clatch: Altruistic StrainHunters Presents Cannabis and Consciousness Series


Intimately Intertwined

We are alive at an exciting and revolutionary time in human history. Our collective consciousness is “waking up” one individual at a time, leading to greater expansion in mind, body, and spirit for the human race.  At our disposal, we have a unique and sacred plant to assist us on our journey to remember our wholeness: cannabis.  I have heard that for every imbalance man has created in the world, Nature has provided the anti-dote.  My research and direct experience reflect that cannabis may be Mother Nature’s remedy to all that ails the human species.

Cannabis On My Mind

“The wonder of marijuana is that it works in the body as an antidote to extreme swings. It does not stimulate. It does not depress. It does both at the same time, which is why it is unique, and so misunderstood by a scientific community educated from a narrow dualistic perspective. The simultaneous opposing action of marijuana is akin to balancing our entire system. Such balance in the Autonomic Nervous System can be understood as a charged equilibrium, defined as “well-being,” experienced as physiological expansion, psychological contentment and responsible for health,” Joan Bello writes in her insightful text The Benefits of Marijuana. She explains that cannabis produces Alpha waves, inducing relaxation and the release of mental tension. It has been revealed that consuming cannabis activates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, creating a mental balance that is both relaxed and alert. “The literature concerning the experience of marijuana, from ancient to modern, is full of descriptions of ”wholeness” or “oneness” – the paradox of the resolution of opposites.” From this place, creativity and inspiration from the Universal Consciousness can be anchored here in our physical reality.

Cannabis Cures?

Cure is a strong word, yet many are finding themselves free of mental, emotional and physical distress when consuming cannabis. Bello writes “that it does not miraculously cure, but gives respite from the tensions of imbalance, while exposing the mental confusion of the mind.” It increases the circulation of the heart through capillary enhancement and oxygenates the blood while releasing suppressed emotions. These emotions, when repressed for long periods of time, are often the source of physical ailments such as stroke, cancer, and heart attack. Cannabis assists the body in the release of collected toxins and stress, helping our minds to relax and let go, returning the body to its natural state of well-being and vitality.

Spirit, Soul and the Sacred Mother Plant

Many avoid the cannabis plant after having a perceived ‘negative’ experience, or what is perceived as no experience at all. Bello describes that the first few experiences with cannabis may do little to expand ordinary consciousness, yet with sacred intent, the doorway to the unconscious is opened. In contrast, for some, the subconscious and unconscious rises rapidly, and can lead to an unsettling physiological and mental state.

Intention is Everything

Consuming cannabis “both stimulates and relaxes, simultaneously, which equates to an unpredictable variation in effect that is solely dependent on the state of its subject.” That stated, intention is everything. The energy with which one approaches the consciousness of this plant, is the energy that will be mirrored back. If one chooses to consume the plant without sacred intent, it is likely the plant will do no more than promote escapist tendencies and a numbing of the mental and emotional pain bodies. While useful for temporarily raising one’s vibration, a cannabis user who does not reflect and do his or her “inner work” may find themselves circling the drain. Users of cannabis with escapist or ill intent upon consumption contribute to a “pot-dome” consciousness, a lowering of the collective vibration through self-defeatism and stagnant personal creations. The term “pot-dome” is used here to portray the hazy and muddy aura of cannabis users who imbibe the plant maliciously or in ignorance.  It references a person’s inability to connect with their internal Source, due to the interference of other entities and energies that are attracted to unhealed “wounds” within the spirit, aura and psyche.

On the physical level this may appear as someone who is “going nowhere in life” and leads to internal confusion and a disconnect from the true self.  Cannabis mirrors our intentions, thus what we give to the plant is the energy with which we will receive.   However, when one imbibes cannabis with full awareness, gratitude and respect, the collective consciousness raises in vibration. Cannabis acts as a bridge from our unconscious to our conscious world. It gives us a greater awareness of ourselves as individuals, and our interconnectedness to the whole.

A dedicated journey with this sacred plant increases feelings of self-love, by shining a light on all the places within our souls that have cast a shadow. It brings to our conscious awareness the subtle nuances that escape our daily mindset, and allows us to integrate the fullness of our soul in human form. Cannabis as a wisdom-guide through the labyrinths of the soul helps us address where we may be deceptive and dishonest within ourselves. It releases suppressed fears and brings to the surface hidden agendas we may have been unconsciously creating, all while returning the body to its natural state of homeostasis. This sacred plant is medicine for the mind-body-spirit, affording us a more expanded view of the now moment and enhancing our sensory perceptions to see, feel, know and experience the subtle realms of creation. Cannabis is the seed of self-actualization and like any wisdom-guide, is merely a finger pointing the way home. It is up to each of us to harness its holy power, and walk the path.




  1. Hey guys, love it the work my name is anthony and i am a 14 years old i droped out of high school 4 months ago to follow my dream to teach the world about cannibis and its healing powers id love to email yoy more of my ideas obout connecting the world to mass consciousness through cannibis

    1. Dear Anthony,
      You seem to have a real inspiration to follow your dreams to enrich other people’s lives with the cannabis plant. I commend you.
      What made you feel directed to drop out of school?

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