Cannabis De-Scheduling versus Marijuana Re-Scheduling

Cannabis De-Scheduling versus Marijuana Re-Scheduling

Imagine for a moment that your government wants what is best for you and would like to get out of the way of free people to practice their lifestyles without infringement.

Imagine for a moment that the government didn’t use words and terminology to confuse and muddle very simple issues so that they can harness more control over the choices and freedoms of every day people.

Lets apply this imagery to the question of Cannabis vs Marijuana AND De-Scheduling vs Re-Scheduling

First, the plant.  It’s a agricultural resource and has taxonomical classification.  It’s related to hops and comes from the genus cannabaceae.  This is where “Cannabis” stems from.  It’s latin.  It’s been around for a very long time as a nomenclature that refers to a plant that grows in many different forms and shapes.

Second, the name.  Marijuana.  It comes from Spanish which was a very exotic language to the Caucasian protestant Americans of the early 20th century.  The Spanish American war imported many terms such as “Gringo” “Wetback” but it also brought “Marihuana” a term that was associate early on with the bracero immigrants who were coming from Mexico to work in agriculture in the southern states and territories.

There is no special part of the plant that is “Marijuana”.  There is no special type of cannabis that makes it marijuana or not marijuana.  The term was wholly fabricated by the American government to incite xenophobia and bigotry towards hispanics, africans, and italians.

This is very important for activists to understand so that individuals do not get swept up in “Marijuana Re-Scheduling Movement”.  This is a honey pot by the U.S. Govt to create divisiveness within a movement.

Activists need to understand that Legalization of Cannabis can only occur when “Un-Scheduling of Cannabis” by the government and de-classification of the plant as a controlled substance.

Politicians want to utilize old terminology to create sub-categories of “Marijuana” based on compounds such as THC, CBD.  This is a control mechanism that utilizes age-old Reefer Madness catch terms where Marijuana was compared to heroin and was charged with inducing psychosis.

Re-scheduling allows corporate interests and pharmaceutical companies to gain control of the commercial value of the plant.  The government designates that it is safe enough to be doled out to the people, but it is too dangerous for the people to use for themselves.

Cannabis can be studied and used by all if it is Un-Scheduled.  The same research will occur, but individuals as well as corporations will be able to use the plant for their own purposes.

Do not get caught up in watching your Government re-schedule a plant that should not be regulated as a drug at all.  The individuals who played a part in adding cannabis to a list of controlled substances have been vetted by history as being xenophobic bigots who had motives beyond protecting children from THC.

Stop and reflect before you call yourself a Marijuana Activist/Supporter/Fighter.  Re-scheduling of a made up substance does not offer more freedom.  Quite the opposite.

Canna Clatch Presents UnScheduling Cannabs vs Rescheduling Marijuana
Canna Clatch Presents UnScheduling Cannabs vs Rescheduling Marijuana

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