VIDEO: Neuroscientist Recommends ‘Vitamin Canna” for Everyday Use

Some People Need to Hear it From a Doctor

Dr. Michele Ross attests that she is taking a form of Cannabis Oil that is very condensed and concentrated when she doesn’t even have an underlying health problem.  The full plant extracted resinous oil that is stripped from the plant with ethanol – called FECO “FULL EXTRACT CANNABIS OIL” is one of the most natural and organic ways to consume a concentrated form of cannabinoids.

Taking an oil, as a supplement is a very popular choice among cancer survivors who have used a protocol to beat cancer, but are now looking to extend the healthy benefits they receive to their various bodily systems that are regulated by an active endo-cannabinoid system.

What could happen? (according to Dr. Ross)

Better Skin – the largest organ in our body

Better Memory – working better than in 20’s

Better Hair – same system as the skin

Better Coping – with stress, anxiety

Reduced Oxidation – the precursor to cancer

As our society matures into a compassionate human group, we will have abundance in Cannabis oil and humans will be cultivating it and sharing it as a food source, medicine, fiber, and ceremonial offering freely.  Right now, it is an illicit commodity that many companies are trying to find ways to copyright and patent exclusivity rights towards genetics and technology that furthers the effectiveness of the oil on our bodies.

Much of mainstream awareness around Cannabis is construed from Govt Propaganda and Popular Culture sources that are bereft of fact, devoid of truth, and are constructed to further a program of disinformation about a natural remedy plant that has more capability than 99% of the man-made pharmaceuticals we allow to be abundant in our society.   Industry and Govt, being one in the same in America, have collaborated to fool people in to seeing Cannabis as a toxic, dangerous substance akin to heroin, and now are going on the offensive to compare it to alcohol so as to reap the recreational profits from it in a heavily regulated market.

Maturity and expansion of people’s awareness regarding our co-evolutionary past with Cannabis will be further helped when more and more “young” “establishment” “vocals” come out with their own personal success story with Cannabis.  Doctors especially but any professional who has credentials who has found benefit to having Cannabis in their life can help turn the tide of understanding.  The older generation will see us, being healthy, successful, and independent of the medical establishment as we grow older and slowly understand they have lived a lifetime of starving a major bodily system that helps create homeostasis in many other bodily systems.

Vitamin Weed is a term we would not choose to use, but the parallel is obvious and we will all benefit from having our lives be abundant with Canna-related remedies of all kinds, made by local people in your community who have been working with the plant for decades and use it like cure-all – this is the real evidence – the history and the widespread acceptance that has already occurred.

Neuroscientist Dr. Michele Ross says she believes everyone can benefit from ‘vitamin weed’, or daily cannabis oil use.  “Cannabis is the key to unlocking preventative medicine,” says Dr. Ross.  “It helps protect your DNA from damage so it can actually slow down the aging process. I think everyone should use cannabis oil, you should learn about it, you shouldn’t be afraid.”

In this clip from the Reset with Amber Lyon podcast, Dr. Ross says she takes Rick Simpson Oil on a daily basis to achieve endocannabinoid homeostasis.   Endocannabinoids are your brain’s natural marijuana and play a major role in overall health including the regulation of appetiteanxiety controlblood pressurebone massreproduction, and motor coordination.  Deficient cannabinoid levels may be the underlying cause of numerous health conditions alleviated by cannabis.

Dr. Ross is a former drug researcher for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, turned medical marijuana advocate.


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