Speculation and Evolution in Cannabis

“Federal scheduling is creating niche markets that create obstacles to investment and scale-ability”.


After watching some of the coverage by VICE Magazine on the “POT BARONS” of the burgeoning cannabis industry, we decided to flesh out some of the jargon that’s being thrown around by collared yuppies who call themselves “cannabis consultants”.

One thing we’ve trumpeted from the get-go, that the founders of our great nation did not have the foresight to acknowledge that the future would hold a tyrannical government that would remove the ability and right of the average person to cultivate cannabis in any or all of it’s forms.  They could see the issue with firearms and it’s integral role in liberty but did not include a similar amendment that would protect entheogens such as cannabis and mushrooms from being legislated away from common use.

Because of this, the UN has leveraged itself upon American policy and we have a ridiculous scheduling system that treats drug users like heathen and categorized drugs based on arbitrary data.  Cannabis has been caught up in this and the DEA and the private prison system has executed a long term program coined “The Drug War”.  Cannabis has been proven to never have killed anyone, caused an addiction, or created toxicity yet it’s being subverted by the federal government under the name of “Marijuana”.

Coming back to the VICE video, the consultants remarked that international investment is better in Canada because of the closed system, federal acceptance and financial industry adaptation.  The American ecosystem is much more volatile because of the federal scheduling and the inability for businesses to utilize credit systems.  Niche U.S. markets are seeing the vast majority of investment of any kind – that is to say, CO/WA/CA/OR…..places where the state ecosystem has given an umbrella from the thugs in the DEA and justice department.

“Scalability”, “Business Model”, “Target Market”, “Market Potential”, “Mass Integration”, “Pot Manufacturer” – these are all terms that get thrown around at investment seminars.  The jargon gets applied because there’s many business-minded people who haven’t a clue about cannabis, horticulture, naturopathy, or botany and they want to know “bottom lines”.  What is the potential for their investment?

This is the echoe chamber of capitalism and speculation.  Usury and value, cost and dividend all pushing our “growth at all costs” economy in to the stratosphere and the cannabis economy is being speculated as being bigger than the oil and alcohol booms of their respective times.  People who loosely use terms like “POT” “WEED” “Marijuana” and were doing other things with their time before legalization occurred.  They saw “potential” and are now seeing initial success.

These “POT BARONS” can grandstand to the rest of us about how to be successful, but it’s not success that breeds inspiration, it’s the value system that drives the success.  Many of these individuals have materialist value systems and their notion of success will only offer them the usual façade instead of personal growth.

This brings us back to the federal scheduling – Qui Bono?  Well, the longer there is a controlled eco-system where states have to go through specified hoops to garner rights for citizens that should be available universally, you create a “ramp-up time” for corporate interests to gear themselves and their resources towards the markets that are emerging in legal and medical states.   This is why there is not a tremendous amount of corporate support for national legalization organizations like NORML/MPP/GROW4VETS.  Having small niche markets allows for the trickle down nature of capital investment to steamroll any and all “Cottage Start-Ups”.  Colorado is a great example of this and Washington even more-so.  Create a legalization policy that creates huge hurdles for entrance and you have an ecosystem that is perfect for outside speculators to come in and brand, scale, and vertically integrate everyone else out of sight.

This is why the future of cannabis is going to be so integral to the future of our country – people will open up to the reality that religious freedom, inalienable rights, and personal liberty are all implicated in the question of whether the average person should have the right to cultivate and medicate.

The longer the federal boogieman is kept in place, the longer we see money-eyed investors becoming comfortable with the idea that they need to have capital earning interest in this new industry.  Builderberg shills like Peter Thiel and George Soros all creating outward posturing that it is now safe for the establishment to start monetizing yet another aspect of nature.  The average person cannot gain the same liberty that the deep pocketed corporations and universities can – this is a foundational aspect of fascism and we’re all passive spectators of it because of the lack of integrity in our journalism.

And with the monetization of another aspect of nature, comes the obvious jackals and vampires, money sucking leeches and people who see success in terms of the material garbage they can instagram to their followers.  These are the people who would have been still living on farms and in rural areas and small towns but a generation ago – now made urbanites and surburbanites and jaded to the ever-churning growth at all costs success machine.


VICE NEWS:  Inside America's Billion-Dollar Weed Business: The Grass is Greener


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