The Oligarchs & Cannabis


The Racket of Control

We start this conversation with a question:

Why are alternative theorists usually cannabis users and why are cannabis users usually alternative theorists?

We’d like to take a few moments to try to answer this in a round-about-way and use a Qui Bono context to allow people to see why Cannabis is central to human evolution and a systematic program to enslave people and control resources has been perpetuated by the oligarchy with Cannabis and it’s prohibition being central to their success.

First off, the oligarchs maintain power through racketeering.  It doesn’t matter what the medium is, it can been subverted and controlled for a privileged minority’s advantage.  It can be chocolate, water, botanical oils, petroleum, or something we haven’t even conceived because the subversion has not been institutionalized for the racket to manifest (the need has not been created).

Cannabis is unique in a way that it has implications for humans in both a spiritual and resource-based context.  The plant can literally be used for thousands of uses and the medicinal and therapeutic aspects have been so completely occulted that we are only beginning to see the various miracle-like effects the endo-cannabinoid system has when it is being utilized.

Cannabis is unique in that it’s usefulness is so complete that it makes many other forms of resources we’ve long taken for granted, obsolete.  This can be said for so many different “mega-commodities” that we start to understand the conspiracy that has been perpetuated by established powers to harness the resources they themselves had/have control over.  The new technological and medical understandings are starting to reveal the severity and unquantifiable injustice and suffering that has occurred because Cannabis has been alienated from our cultures, religions, and societies.

These new technological understandings are creating a hard-to-ignore reality that the industrialists of previous generations, including government and supra-government officials took very precise and specific steps to stifle the use and agricultural utilization of Cannabis and it’s various byproducts.  These hard-to-ignore-steps have been taken for a myriad of specific reasons, but the general reason was to protect a racket, to subvert a minority, and to exercise social control in a way we’re only beginning to be able to quantify.  If Cannabis literally makes people harder to control, that by itself is a justifiable reason for a government and it’s industrialist and religious backers to alienate an entheogen and partner plant.

What’s interesting to note, is that Cannabis has been integral to our war-time efforts all the way through until Vietnam.  Woven materials made from the retted cording from broad-farmed Cannabis was made in huge quantities across the midwest and eastern seaboard.  “Hemp for Victory” is a well-known propaganda initiative executed by the government to justify the cultivation, manufacturing, and shipping of Cannabis-related goods to WWII battlefronts when the government had ZERO want need or priority to allow the average citizen to cultivate or utilize Cannabis for themselves in a private enterprise.  This is of note in the Qiu Bono investigation of the oligarchy due to the stench of “Do as I say and not as I do” activity by the U.S.Govt.  This today, can be seen at the University of Mississippi and the multi-million dollar Cannabis “research” laboratory that is funded by citizens but advantages the Govt and the oligarchs involved in running and controlling it.

The oligarchy has rackets to protect.

What are/were/will these rackets/commodities/resources/products be?  Whatever they want them to be!  They manufacture desire by use of our subconsciousness and use of subversive techniques that have been brought from religion and from the babylonian priests that are talked about in pre-historical texts and personal accounts.  Today, everything is commoditized, so it’s easy to see where and why we’d need to be subverted in to needing products we don’t even understand.  Creating an ecosystem of control is a valuable way to subvert people and their worldviews and knowledge of themselves.  Urban centers are contemporary ecosystems of control, all aspects of life commoditized.

The oligarchy has opium, cocaine, pharmacueticals, lumber, petroleum, sugar, corn, tobacco, alcohol, soybean, and now water and cannot be expected to accept the reality that Cannabis literally creates a new paradigm where none of their products are relevant in any ecologically-sensitive or health-loving context.  The technological advances we’ve seen in energy, health, building and recreation have been devoid of Cannabis because the oligarchy had/have rackets that needed to perpetuate both for their advantage, but also for the suffering of the average person.

The oligarchy also contains the church and religion/faith based organizations that work to perpetuate the reality of the artificial rackets.  The perpetuated reality can be more effectively used if people ARE NOT USING ENTHEOGENS.  The moment someone alters their reality with a teacher or partner consciousness such as Cannabis, Mushrooms or DMT, they become forever more difficult to dictate reality to.  Religion and faith-based organizations are most happy with docile, unquestioning patrons who do not question status quo.  People are made in to unquestioning patrons through use of alcohol, pharmas and a steady dose of programming in news and social media, and education.  These faith-based organizations funnel money and create fake realities for people who have not altered themselves enough to question the nature of their affiliations and labels.

Popular opinion is that Cannabis should be legal and that the question of adults having access to substances that they want to put in their body, is a human right, not granted by the government, but another inalienable right that is given from GOD.  This is where media, religion, and popular culture are leveraged by the oligarchy to maintain social control, distort actuality and reality and funnel people in to the rackets they currently are advantaged by.  This can be seen in the Drug War, Prison Complex, and Pharma dynamic they have instigated.  We feed people poisons, genetically modified, over-processed foods while maintaining that we have an FDA that is standing by to protect us from nefarious activity.  This evidence of racketeering goes on, and on, and on, in every sector of our culture.  Money and urbanized commodification of everything and consuming materially is the “need” manufactured artificially in us.

Entheogens allow us to see the folly of it all.  They allow us to dissolve years and decades of programming and culturalization that occurred in the formative years and after.

This is why Cannabis and alternative theory seems to go hand-in-hand.  The same can be said about mushrooms, DMT, LSD, Ayahuasca, Salvia and dozens more consciousness altering substances.  When you use them, you become forever changed in a way that your reality and your understanding of yourself cannot be ignored, subverted, or otherwise tampered with.  This is a necessity of religion and materialism – that you and your identity remain intact so that they can use your subconsciousness against you.  The identity and history you subscribe to have been created by them for the very necessity of making you in to a customer/client/patron.  These same identities allow “Identity Politics” to be played out, creating manufactured dialectics and ultimately leading to wars and human sacrifice in the name of wars over perceived resources, real estate, or ideology.

Qui Bono is a very useful tool for understanding why the oligarchy has a problem with Cannabis being free and technologically harnessed by individuals for their own individual good.  The masters of the resources profit from scarcity, this is simple.

What’s not so simple is quantifying the spiritual subversion that is instigated through Cannabis prohibition.  We realize that people who are locked in to a singular reality and identity are more easily manipulated and that entheogens challenge the very lever the oligarchy uses to control – our identity.  Cannabis does a very good job of challenging our realities and identities and the oligarchy knew this was bad news for their subversive levers.

The third aspect of Cannabis prohibition and suppression by the oligarchy that is not easily talked about or easily quantified is the racial and ethnic subversion that is inherent.  The oligarchy is made up of caucasian ethnics and it is very plan to see that Cannabis usage through cultural and spiritual norms have been historically practiced by people of other than caucasian descent.  American and South African history is rife with racism and geocentrism and xenophobia and terms have been coined to push the propaganda – “Marijuana” is an ethnophaulism in the United States but is continually used as a term to describe Cannabis by the government, medical establishment, and media.

Protect Resource Rackets

Subvert the Hearts and Minds of Millions Regarding Reality and Identity

Marginalize Ethnic and Religious Minorities and Perpetuate Xenophobia and Racism

These are the three reasons the oligarchy doesn’t want to have a conversation about entheogen usage being an inalienable right, and not just something to be “scheduled” and then “commoditized” by the government.


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