Around the World with Canna Clatch!

Canna Clatch Takes you Around the World in Cannabis for Aug 21st 2015
Canna Clatch Takes you Around the World in Cannabis for Aug 21st 2015

Lets take a trip around the world and see what the main themes that we’re saying you should be paying attention to…….Altruistic StrainHunters gives a layout of the topics that have major potential for change in people’s awareness as well as dynamic potential for the legal and political status quo.

TEXAS – Female’s rights violated by local law enforcement during a traffic stop.  She will be seeking a team of high profile lawyers to help fight the state for restitution for her trauma – which will have direct repercussions on the drug war as a whole as it applies to personal rights and probable cause.   This ironically falls just a short distance away from where a mother in Oklahoma was entangled in the local child protective services game after her son uttered some information about how his mom uses the term “cannabis” and not marijuana.  Lets keep an eye on this as it is highly representative of the country’s attitude towards privacy and due process. #ENDTHEDRUGWAR

COLORADO – The Colorado Board of Health last month ruled that PTSD was not a condition for which cannabis is a viable treatment, spurring several veterans and activists to file a complaint against the board.  This gives the Colorado Board of Health 21 days to respond and the panel consists of veterans as well as a female that uses cannabis for PTSD from trauma from physical and sexual abuse.  If this incurs an overturning by the board, this could lead to new states adopting medical cannabis legislation that allows veterans direct and immediate legal freedom to practice a holistic lifestyle.  #VETSFIRST #MEDICALCANNABIS  #PTSD

PENNSYLVANIA – Reefer Madness is still trumpeting loudly and being churned by the regular media culprits.  A fire was put out by local authorities in PA, when a “marijuana pipe” was found near the couch.  Of course the top police authority went ahead and ruled that “Stoner Grandpa killed them both” while getting high and starting the couch on fire.  Of course, if you do any legitimate research on the story, no one can discern the origin of the fire in which left both elderly veteran and grandson dead.  #REEFERMADNESS #LAZYJOURNALISM #PRESUMPTIOUS

WORLD – Cyptocurrencies and other decentralized systems are gaining more and more traction in our society and an ancillary theme that has cannabis-related implications is the “Group Currency”.  Over and over we are seeing the modern financial cabals blocking individuals and businesses who are active in the cannabis industry in some way.   This is a top-up denial of service by the Federal Reserve who control opium, petro, and military ebbs and tides.  When people start to become aware of the relation between alternative currencies, backed by cannabis commodities, they will see the benefit to implementing “Group Currency” that can be utilized on both a local and broad scale.  #ENDTHEFED #HASHCURRENCY #AGRICURRENCY

OREGON – Prohibition is coming to a rusty screeching halt in Oregon as the Proposition 91 gets enacted state-wide as of July 1st.  One major wrinkle in the wave of legalization is the “LOC” League of Cities that is creating a major consortium for rural towns inside counties that voted more than 55% against Prop 91 to create a ban on licensing of recreational retail locations and grow sites.  Oregon is a “posse comitatus” state and the local opt out was the very same thing that happened when alcohol prohibition came to an end – many states beyond Oregon had dry counties that existed well in to the late 20the century….there might even be some left in the south.   This is especially important to watch as the legal questions are being asked as to whether cities and counties can be sued for not following the new legislation and whether major differentiations are made between medical and recreational activities and licensing.   #PROHIBITIONISM #LEGALIZATION #LOBBYING

WASHINGTON DC – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the narcotic painkiller OxyContin for pediatric use.  This headline alone shows the undeniable lobbying power that the pharmaceutical industry has on our regulatory agencies.  100 years of prohibition against cannabis and the most harmful, addictive, and toxic substances made by man has been approved for our young people who can’t make decisions for themselves.  No one wants to see a child in pain, and these narcotic drugs are only offered when the pain levels are beyond normal -however, children can’t communicate their experience with any validation and so a holistic alternative should always be offered.   Our society cannot afford a generation of addicted adults with permanent bodily damage from pediatric use of man-made chemicals.  #BIGPHARMA #LIFETIMECUSTOMERS #COUNTRYOFADDICTS

ISRAEL – HAARETZ recently did a piece on the ongoing research and medical/political acceptance going on in Israel on behalf of their state-funded research programs.  They would like to see cannabis medications be offered in pharmacies across Israel to people who would like to try alternatives to standard medications.  The state has been blocking growing permits, but would like to move forward with a framework that allows people to maintain a “patient status” and gain access to cannabis through regulated channels.  The Deputy Health Minister has been lauded for his spurring a “cognitive revolution” for allowing people to maintain a “patient status” with the plant, and with the state, when the Health Ministry’s views have been traditionally dismissive towards cannabis therapy and treatment.  #MEDICALCANNABIS #ISRAELICANNABIS #ISRAEL

OREGON – Local municipalities strike again when Portland city officials look to enable policy that limits the operating hours of “recreational dispensaries”.  The idea is that 24 hour dispensaries will create a nuisance to local neighborhoods.  This is particularly interesting to see in a city that is known for thousands of bars and strip clubs that stay open until past 3am and have patios and sidewalk conflagrations going on all the way until the very close.  This has wide-ranging implications as we shift to an ethical society that views access to entheogens to be a human right.  The government wants to maintain that cannabis is an intoxicant and should be treated with contempt such as limiting business hours and not allowing lounges or public cafes in which people can socialize and imbibe.   This very fight will go on all over the country as cannabis becomes part of our ethical society.  #PROHIBITION #IDENTITYPOLITICS #SEGREGATION

ILLINOIS – More and more legitimate research is surfacing showing that entirely mainstream health issues are being benefitted by cannabinoid therapy.  A new study found that Sleep Apnea had been mitigated with specific compounds found in cannabis.  Sleep apnea comes in many forms and affects a HUGE portion of Americans because of the ubiquitous weight problem that is scourging our nation.  This story has implications because it opens people’s eyes to the fact that cannabis alleviates many major issues that human’s cope with.  What will it show us next?  #MEDICALCANNABIS #MEDICALRESEARCH #SLEEPDISORDERS

MARYLAND – A company named SOLARWINDOW TECHNOLOGIES recently released some lofty claims that they’ve produced a readily applied coating that gets implemented into existing glass making processes that allows for up to 50% more energy generation that traditional panel-based solar absorption technology.  This means for cannabis growers, that the future looks like a green house that can allow  your plants to thrive under the sun during the growing season, and you can augment your electricity for artificial lighting for when the weather and season are not ideal to bring out the best potential in your crops.  This technology will undoubtedly be tied to the Tesla Batteries recently debuted(see below) #GREENHOUSETECH #SOLARTECH #HORTICULTURALTECH

CALIFORNIA – Tesla Motors recently announced that they will create and market a specific battery for consumer use that will revolutionize the way people function and live.  An initial estimate of 2500-3500 dollars for a battery that can help people who live on reliable grids maintain a powered residence.  The technology is not altogether different than what is available currently, but the cost is being dropped so that people in developing countries will be able to utilize power from the sun and store it for themselves without a need for a grid.  This has implications for cannabis growers because the political jackals like to bring up the electricity draw that cannabis horticulture maintains.  The future looks very bright when you consider that solar capture and storage is moving forward very quickly and it will only be a matter of time before totally autonomous green houses can be operated for the sake of cannabis cultivation.  #OFFTHEGRID #AUTONOMY #SOLAR #GREENENERGY #TESLA

MISSOURI – Jeff Mizanskey is FREE!  The Governor of Missouri has commuted the sentence of the only man in the state serving a “marijuana offense without parole”.  Jeff had served over 20 years of his life and had made repeated attempts being commuted.  The 62 year old man has cost the state 22,000/year to be incarcerated and this story should have major implications for other Governors who are also sitting on thousands and thousands of commuting appeals for which they maintain on behalf of their friends in the private incarceration cartel.   Mizanskey’s case was very special because he was stung by police in a 3 strikes and your out mandatory sentence that has long since been revoked.  UPDATE:  release date set for Sept 1st!  Congratulations Jeff and his family!  #DRUGWARVICTIMS #PRISONCOMPLEX  #PRIVATEPRISONS  #ENDTHEDRUGWAR

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND –  The United Nations General Assembly will be meeting to chat about DRUGS.  More pointedly the Human Right Council panel on drugs and human rights will be meeting September 28th 2015 and another larger assembly is being scheduled for mid-2016 to discuss cartel activity and current state spending on “The Drug War”.  #SUPRAGOVERNMENT #DRUGWAR #FASCISM #BIGPHARMA #UN

MISSOURI – In very expectable fashion, the Federal Reserve Bank gave the dutch-door-action to the applicant “Fourth Corner Credit Union” who was formed by Colorado’s licensed cannabis manufacturers.  They still haven’t gotten credit from the cabal, but the issue has been pushed hard and more strain has been put on the financial farce of making an industry deal in cash.  CATO Institute did a great job writing this article up and giving people a very good understanding of how our private banking cartel dictates drug policy, not our government.  Lets see how this pans out as we continue to prognosticate that cannabis based meta currency will be the future.  #ENDTHEFED #GOLDSTANDARD #AGRICURRENCY #CANNABISECONOMICS

CALIFORNIA – The Emerald Triangle has been alive with drug eradication activity as pilots and locals have complained about the blatant environmental degradation that is occurring from individuals using land in Trinity, Mendocino, Humboldt counties to grow cannabis outdoors using the local water supply.  This is a concerted effort dubbed “Operation Full Court Press” and is interesting because it involves sheriff, fish and wildlife employees, and supposedly “national guard” although it didn’t say exactly how our military trained peace-corps is being used to help authorities eradicate what has been said as the biggest discoveries ever recorded in the state…..some crazy number creeping up on 650 thousand plants.  Lets keep a very close eye on this story as California wrestles legislation to get going with legalization. #DRUGWAR #EMERALDTRIANGLE #PLANTVIOLENCE


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