Entrenched Willful Ignorance

Canna Clatch Introduces the new DEA Head
Canna Clatch Introduces the new DEA Head

The appointee recently put at the head of the DEA has taken the unsurprising stance of blatant willful ignorance, exercising tradition in government to move to the beat of industry and special interests’ agendas and not that of the citizenry.

Chuck Rosenberg attests that he is addicted to corn syrup and carbonated food colorings in a recent Faux News interview, but doesn’t indulge things like alcohol .

Chuck’s willful ignorance includes being quoted saying that he feels cannabis should continue to be illegal with no mention of the millions of families who’ve picked their lives up and moved to states that have legislation protecting the use of and cultivation of cannabis.

Chuck’s willful ignorance includes “supporting legitimate research” but not supporting the thousands upon millions of examples of people gaining medicinal and therapeutic relief from cannabis in it’s many forms every day – including chronic and terminal issues such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Chuck’s willful ignorance includes dismissing alcohol as being legal because “we know how prohibition went in the 1930’s” but not addressing why cannabis would remain illegal given that it’s not toxic, non-habit forming, and hasn’t been proven in any case that “marijuana is dangerous”.   If prohibition doesn’t work, why would we maintain it against something far more useful than alcohol?

Chuck’s willful ignorance includes utilizing his network of agents and faculty to work against cartels and keeps bringing up heroin, but won’t bring up the massive pharmaceutical cartels introducing new patients to synthetic heroin every day while hash oil, CBD products, and other cannabis constituents are deemed wrong to prescribe due to federal scheduling.

Chuck’s willful ignorance includes speaking about “pockets of integrity” within the mexican government when he fails to bring to bear the wide gaping holes of rationale and integrity within our domestic and international policy on substance abuse and addiction.  He fails to mention the billions of dollars wasted on incarcerating people for drug related charges in private prisons and the continued industry of slavery stemming from government special interest nepotism.

Chuck’s willful ignorance includes stating “I think it’s bad for you and that it ought to remain illegal” without stating why he feels it’s bad for someone or why it should remain illegal when statistics show that literally no one has ever died from cannabis toxification and that prosecution of cannabis-related offenses are extremely oppressive to minority demographics in financially impoverished areas making the major negative around cannabis that it’s not enforced evenly or with any consistency, creating “entrapment scenarios” that benefit the coffers of the DEA in their clever asset forfeiture scheme.  Entrapment by the government always implies nepotism and subversive use of power and we see this every day with cannabis grows being unevenly prosecuted all across the country.

When our elected leaders appoint figureheads such as Rosenberg, who tug the line of ignorance and agenda by the government and the special interests they serve, it’s time to elect leaders who’ll evaporate the DEA, the IRS, and the other futile branches of government that diminish out natural liberties.  It’s clear this DEA figurehead is just as much of an automaton as their predecessor which further undermines the public’s confidence in executive and legislative’s stance on addiction, substance abuse and scarcity commodification.




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