Canna Clatch Hashtags Defined

Canna Clatch Hashtags Defined
Canna Clatch Hashtags Defined

Going Deeper Into the World of Gonzo Cannabis and the hashtags we use to instigate social change and be a part of a larger discussion.

Via Wikipedia – A hashtag is a type of label or metadata tag used on social network and microblogging services which makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Users create and use hashtags by placing the hash character (or number sign) # in front of a word or unspaced phrase, either in the main text of a message or at the end. Searching for that hashtag will then present each message that has been tagged with it.

#CannaClatch itself is a hashtag that we use to designate all the activity that we’re contributing online.  #AltruisticStrainHunters also gives search engines a major portion of our work.  Beyond that, here is a list of defined hash tags we use on an ongoing basis (and some specific ones for collaboration and group support).  We’ll of course have to update this list as our message evolves.  To our long time readers and speakeasy members, we’ll update the tokens for the socials in due time as well.

If you’ve been following us and would like to read our pamphlet that talks about our tokens and socials that are hosted all over the pacific northwest, please email and ask to be added to the members list.  Our socials allow you to discover the usefulness of hashtags, but also hash.  🙂

#SevenTenPeasants – This is a CC unique tag that we’ve created to designate a major fundamental philosophical premise that cannabis activity supports the average person and any deviation from this truth is a distortion of the natural partnership and #SelfAgency that comes from having the right to cannabis and it’s constituent elements as well as with all entheogens and the whole of nature.  SevenTen is the meme for “oil” and oil is many times commonly used for the term hashish or hash oil and is the main constituent for which sensimilla cannabis is cultivated.  Peasant is a slang term for someone who is close to the land, or close to the production side of a given social spectrum.  To be a peasant within the seventen strainhunters, you’ve taken the time to gain a first hand understanding of the fundamental and inalienable right we have to nature, for

which cannabis and all other plants are a part.  This hashtag gets expounded in our pamphlets (ask to join the list).

#Altruistic StrainHunter – This is a CC unique tag that designates the very name of the social group that comprises and helps people gain #SelfAgency through direct partnership with nature.  #Altruism is a dynamic within the human spirit that is cultivated naturally with cannabis and other entheogens.  The natural tendency to help others is a humanistic quality and something we should cultivate as we begin to directly understand that we are all connected and intertwined.  StrainHunting is a term that is designated for searching for cannabis genetics that fit a idealistic range of values or attributes or have properties deemed to be valuable for a specific purpose or need so that growing and/or breeding programs can be conducted to cultivate new attributes.  This activity is not limited to cannabis but is many times where people  learn the naturopathic premise of using the world around you to benefit your needs while honoring nature and our connectedness to it.  Strainhunting can be done for personal benefit, as can anything in life, but the notion of altruism is alive within our expanded self awareness that is cultivated with cannabis and other entheogens.  Practicing an integrated mode of selflessness that allows you to be altruistic to both yourself and that which you identify as outside of you allows you to gain an expanded sense of self as well as insights into the subtle aspects of personal manifestation and love alchemy.

#Onelove – This is a universal hashtag that we use to tag ourselves within the larger conscious community of humans who have realized the interconnectedness between all things and how love is catalyst for personal manifestation.  Onelove is an expression of unity and universal love and respect for all people, regardless of defining characteristics.  We are a human race dreaming a life together.

#Soil2Oil – This is a collective hashtag that we’ve utilized to tag ourselves within the larger community of humans who have realized the curative nature of cannabis resin, also known as hashish, or hash oil.  The plant itself is the physical manifestation of and vehicle for the production of it’s constituent oils, fantastic for smoking in ceremony and for it’s medicinal values, but it’s the oils within the plant that are interfacing with the human endogenous system.  Humans who have realized the first hand experience of cultivating a plant to maturity and stripping it of it’s constituent oils for their medicinal purposes are known to use this hashtag.

#PatientsFirst – this is a tag that we use within the larger medical cannabis community that designates that in legalized states, medical programs and patient’s rights have been breeched and the current norm that patient+caregiver+grower relationships get undermined and regulated out of existence because of the state’s never ending expansion and regulatory largesse.  All people who use cannabis is a patient, and a partner and the future will include a clause that emancipates nature to all humans free of taxation and regulation – but on that path we must put those with the most serious conditions first, the young, the sick, and the elderly.

#Altruism – Auguste Comte, the french philosopher, idealized the nature of altruism being opposite of egoism and in this we hope to perpetuate his premise that was further expanded by our American colonialist writers Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson and inject this philosophical premise into the #Cannasapien lexicon.  #Selflessness is also an extension of altruism and can be applied to the Self, self, or to those around you.  Within strainhunting and genetics, we hope to enrich the idea of altruism within the breeders and genetics communities so that the idealogy of #SelfAgency can be experienced by all humans.

#710SpeakEasy – This is a hashtag we designate for our socials.  Cannabis consumption, even in legal states has not been offered the social acceptance that other forms of social activity enjoy, and as such, a #SpeakEasy format is most ideal for our socials.  Not only do we require secrecy of location, but we require a closed attendance list with only minor exceptions made for those given the tokens. Cannabis lounges are not ideal places for a #CannaClatch and therefor we’re always corroborating with space holders and business owners to allow us to congregate with relative privacy.  (email for access to our socials and tokens)

#Cannasapiens – This is a unique hashtag we use to designate the individuals who have realized the curative, industrial, and energetic aspects of cannabis and it’s long term co-evolutionary relationship with humans and earth.  Cannasapiens practice #OneLove and #Altruism and understand that our separation from #Nature is a distortion that need not be extended longer than needed.  Cannasapiens have realized the #InalienableRighttoNature that all humans possess and do not see cannabis as a simple commodity or material to serve egoist needs or materialist purposes and is an #Entheogen and superfood.

#CannaClatch – is both a noun and a verb.  The very name of our existence is CC or the westernization of the term “klatsch” in German that means “a casual gathering of people, especially for the refreshments and informal conversation”.  Cannabis invariably cultivates social community among humans and as shift towards an #EthicalCulture, it’s important for #Cannasapiens to have a conscious community to share with, to be a part of, and to learn, as well as teach.  #CannabisCommunity and #Unity is central to the #CannaClatch and to come together around #Cannabis is a central theme to human history.  Canna Clatch is an Altruistic Network of Humans who have realized the curative nature of Cannabis and would like to contribute their experience to those seeking knowledge, seeking community, seeking positivity and acceptance.

#CannabisCommunity – is a tag that we share with many in the greater cannabis ecosystem.  Many are trying to make money, many are trying to gain fame, others are attempting to help themselves gain greater levels of wellbeing and health, as well as self awareness and #SelfAgency.  Community is the most important aspect of our shift towards an #EthicalCulture and cannabis and other entheogens cultivate within us an authentic need to be a part of a vibrant community where our contribution is valued and our values are shared.

#EndtheDrugWar – is a universal tag that we share with the worldwide english speakers who see the futility and waste of resources that is entailed in any prohibitionist ideology.  With regards to “drugs”, it’s time to end the prohibition of all things that come from nature and to allow humans to put into their bodies what they please.  Regulations on pharmaceutical and synthetic derivative products are rational but to grossly group entheogens and the natural plant world in to categories with horribly dangerous man-made chemicals is a strike against #NaturalLaw and man’s #InalienableNature and right to nature and right to expand their identity of self through the use of plants.  Naturopathy and preventative health through homeopathy and #SelfAgency is what comes from allowing humans to cultivate and share natural resources with each other.

#EmancipatedHorticulture – is a unique #CannaClatch tag that we use to designate the ideology that human’s right to nature is inalienable and that the emancipation of our natural earthly partners for their cultivation and co-evolutionary symbiosis with us.  Cannabis is an #Entheogen and is part of a family of special flora that is grouped with mushrooms, salvia, peyote, hyausca, and others and is consider a very useful partner to these teacher plants.  To emancipate the horticultural right humans have to these plants, we create #Liberty and #SelfAgency through a widening of our collective identity and the expansion of the notion of #OneLove that inevitably comes from the use of psychedelics.   There should be no regulation or taxation of such a unique and important family of organisms, and as our culture shifts towards more ethical standards, we will realize that we have been shrouded by the supra-state and church implementing thought and identity control.

#Grow4Vets – is a shared tag that we use to help spread the ideology that cannabis helps with numerous challenges faced by our veteran population and all opportunities to be altruistic towards these dis-advantaged but very deserving military personnel should be taken.  Grow for them, give them cannabis flower, give them extracts, give them baked goods that can help with the major issues that the Veterans Administration has totally dropped the ball and shown negligence on several levels and the 22 suicides that occur every day is a national tragedy that we all need to take responsibility for.  Change occurs locally and helping vets gain access to natural remedies, help them learn to grow, and help them achieve gainful employment in the burgeoning cannabis industry.  (We do not share any official relationship with “Grow 4 Vets” and support ALL of the groups that are working to bring further cultural engagement with our national challenge with our returning combat vets)

#Hash4PTSD – is a unique tag that we use to help spread awareness around #Hashish and it’s ancillary items and it’s effectiveness for a huge range of challenges that affect veterans, not just #PTSD.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects the majority of our veterans and is a leading cause of psychological distress and suicide across our country.  The active constituents of cannabis, which are concentrated through a process to make #Hashish or #Hashoil which can then be ingested, vaporized, smoked, put on topically, absorbed rectally and can help people come back from extremely serious health conditions both physical and psychological.  It has also been proven circumstantially many times to be excellent for addiction recovery and is a favorite choice for anyone who is attempting to gain their #SelfAgency through kicking an opiate, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, caffeine addiction.  The inner healing that is available through the #Entheogen nature of cannabis helps anyone who has experienced trauma in their life – all of us hold aspects of our experiences and feelings towards memories within our being, within our bodies and to release and become autonomous and free again, able to observe and reflect love for ourselves and others is a product of the #SelfAgency that becomes imbibed in to our daily activities through self forgiveness and re-embodiment that is instigated by active #THC.

#PlantTeacher is a unique tag that we use to integrate the idea of #Entheogen (s) with cannabis.  Entheogens are natural flora that possess a higher dimensional nature and can interface with humans in a way that is not readily apparent on this earthly plane of existence.  Native Cultures across the world all revered various plants and mushrooms for their entheogenic qualities and Shamans would be acting mediums for the wider culture and the consciousness available through ingestion of the plant.  #PlantPartner is another applicable tag that venerates nature as an inalienable right to humans and that the expansion of consciousness through #PlantAlchemy is the major reason why churches, states, and corporations have demonized and alienated man from partner flora and made it collectively fear-inducing to consider expanding the inner dimensions and gain a wider perspective of self.

#Mindfulness is a shared tag we use to spread the philosophy that conscious use of cannabis and other entheogens can cultivate #Mindfullness – which can be described as the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something – namely the self, and of the present moment and the infinite understanding that can come from maintaining an integrated approach to your Cannabis experience.  To accept the present moment and acknowledge and accept one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations is a theraputic action in itself – by integrating mindfully the expandedness that cannabis engenders is a step towards collectively understanding that we are all #OneLove and any action against ourselves is an action against others and any action against others is an action against ourselves.

#SelfAgency  is a unique tag we use to designate the infinite concept within spiritualism that comes from most all religions and native traditions, that we are created equal, and maintain free will.  Reliance on, and responsibility for the Self is the first step in maintaining an integrated lifestyle that values #Mindfulness and the idea that collective health or distortion is dependent on individual success or failure and taking agency for ourselves is the fundamental key to #SelfLove and a positive contribution to the collective.  Spiritual and emotional autonomy is the basis for any healthy and ethical society and we are collectively making the shift towards greater individual #SelfAgency – through which #Entheogens help cultivate.

#FullSpectrumResin is a unique tag we use to support the idea of Hash Oil produced through specific methods to preserve the full spectrum of the Cannabis resins found within the trichomes and plant material.  Full spectrum is contrasting to fractionated resins where individual compounds and constituents are processed in a way that discards much of the plant’s many qualities found in the fatty acids, lipids, thiols, esters, flavinoids, vitamins, ketones and have been found to work in a “synergistic” manner with cannabinoids and the human endogenous systems….not just the endo-cannabinoid system.  When fighting a serious health condition or looking for the most healthy way to supplement your body, creating #Hashish with an organic ethyl (cane, grape, corn, grain, potato) can offer the best opportunity for your body to absorb the full spectrum of healthy constituents found within cannabis.  Cannabis, along with it’s resins can be “activated” or “decarboxylated” or left raw in their acidic form and by ingesting both forms, you offer your body the most opportunity to maintain homeostasis in it’s many subsystems.

#InalienableNature is a unique tag we use to support the philosophy made popular by the enlightenment writers and renaissance artists that man (and woman) were created equal to nature and that we must co-exist in harmony with nature and that we have an inalienable right to nature vested to us by our birth onto this earth.  No laws, no bodies, no states can make regulations that stand between man his right to cultivate his consciousness and the plants upon the earth that allow him to impact his health, vitality, and self awareness.

#28thAmendment4Nature is a unique tag we use to support the ideology that the living document has the space and ability to accommodate a new amendment that outlines the #Inalienable right to Nature that all humans have.  This 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution would be worded very similarly to the1st and 2nd Amendment and would clearly state that man has a right to cultivate all things from nature and that no challenges to this right can stand in an ethical and free society.

#GatewayEntheogen is a new tag that may be used elsewhere but we are not aware of it.  This tag identifies the notion that cannabis is an entheogen, and is many times the first of many that humans choose to utilize within their lifetimes.  Furthermore, cannabis has been found to be an excellent partner entheogen to many other natural items such as mushrooms and salvia.  The natural world has thousands upon thousands of entheogens and cannabis allows humans to open up the idea that further self awareness is available by interfacing with the natural world through #PlantAlchemy.  The era of the “drug” has gone by the wayside and the era of the inner experience has come about.

#ConsciousCommunity is a tag that we use to identify the concept that a community is a sum of it’s parts, or contributors.  Each person impacts their world and there are principles that bring about positive change and positive shifts in social trends.  A conscious community cultivates habits and collective activities that impact  the world in a positive way and offer principles that individuals can take with them to live consciously when they are away from the community and operating in a world that is highly distorted.  Having love for yourself and for others is a fantastic start.  Offering service to those around you that you love and to those most in need is a great habit.  The #AltruisticStrainHunters attempt to maintain these principles as a group and offer community services and community enhancements.


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