DEA Charlatan Called Out by 86, 000 Cannasapiens


In a recent Change dot org petition, an organization called “Marijuana Majority” has collected close to 86 thousand signatures at the time of this publication.  (expected to grow)  The petition calls on President Barack Obama to fire his newly minted “Drug Czar” Chuck Rosenberg – the head of the DEA.

Recent comments made by the head of the DEA stating that “medical marijuana is a joke” flies directly in the face of common sense and common decency and this petition is gaining major traction on it’s way to 150,000 signatures.

We’d like to express our support of this petition and the creators of it.  We published an article quickly after the DEA Chief was sworn in called “Entrenched Willful Ignorance” and outlines the raw subversiveness that the DEA is designed to execute.

We’d also like to share a comment made by a petitioner with some modifications made for clarity.  This was well written and we couldn’t agree more.

“The position expressed by administrator Chuck Rosenberg that “cannabis being medicinal is a joke” is a blatantly ignorant one, and sickly dismissive of the rapidly growing science and extensive history of this plant as medicine in many cultures, but more importantly HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL to the now HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Americans who have become aware through personal experience, of the true medicinal (and spiritual) qualities of this plant.

The enforcement of prohibition against people who use this plant has been a human rights violation and effectively a long series of WAR CRIMES against every human whose health and well-being could have benefited from it’s use throughout the last 78 years that it has been fraudulently prohibited.

A basic violation of every citizen’s right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Mr Rosenberg’s statement proves that the DEA has no ability to learn new information, grasp reality, or adapt policy to match what is needed for the benefit of the citizenry it “serves”.

Not only should he be immediately removed from his position, the entire agency needs to be eliminated, along with the similarly ineffective, harmful, and un-fixable National Institute on Drug Abuse, both of whom seem to be mandated to maintain a regressive, unscientific, and unchangable Prohibitionist stance against specific drugs that our society has previously chosen to call “illicit” and enact civil and criminal penalties against citizens who choose to partake of them, whether or not their actions harm anyone other than themselves.

It is high time BOTH of these agencies, and the Prohibition of Drugs paradigm are eliminated, and replaced with a legalization/decriminalization model, and new agencies that operate on a scientifically and medically sound model of harm reduction. Doing impartial research, scientifically valid and factual education, and providing medical research on addiction reduction, offering free treatment where necessary and desired by the user/addict, which will eliminate both the incredible burden on our society of criminalizing users of the substances deemed illicit, as well as the extreme profit motive and model of the cartels and drug distribution networks…

40+ years of the War on (Some) Drugs has NOT worked, no matter how many billions we spend on it, or how many arrests are made… It is time to try something different… Something LESS harmful to individuals and society and more health promoting.

Remove Rosenberg, Deschedule Cannabis, Repeal Prohibition, Replace the DEA and NIDA with an effective harm reduction model.

Reap peace, prosperity, and health.”


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