PART III – Speakeasy Format Comes Back Relevant

Canna Clatch Introduces the Oregon Clean Air Act and the Shitty Smell in Oregon Legislature.
Canna Clatch Introduces the Oregon Clean Air Act and the Shitty Smell in Oregon Legislature.

PART III – Speakeasy format comes back relevant.



Both activity and substance is regulated and prohibited.

Individual rights and preference is being overlooked for a non-defined colctove that has not spoken out in defense of their safety.

People’s space and air were not being considered at existing venues, but this does not give the state to regulate them out of existence. It’s the state’s responsibility to warn the public so that adults can make sensible decisions with their bodies.

The Speakeasy Format get Energized in Oregon

With the recent additions and changes to the “Oregon Clean Air Act” the legislators in Salem have effectively made cannabis community off-limits by way of air quality regulations related to public safety. This prohibitory change that limits the free will activity of adults has put the “SpeakEasy” back on the map. The Altruistic StrainHunters have always observed the very useful private nature of the speakeasy and have integrated the context of “encrypted cannabis” into our community socials so that no contentions can be had with the onerous state bureaucracy on cannabis in general. It is our contention that adults should be able to congregate the way they see fit and free will choices about what they permit in to their bodies should not be the domain of the state.

The highly ironic aspect of the existing cannabis lounges around Oregon getting shut down on short notice January 1st is that they were terribly smokey and terribly claustrophobic for anyone sensitive to poor ventilation and poor respect for body count and personal space. The truth of matter is that cannabis byproduct in the air is perfectly harmless but there is a major difference in air quality damage of vaporization versus combustion. Combustion of cannabis is going to render the smell of burnt flower material and is unfitting to anyone who does not smoke cannabis. The only people who want to sit in a smokey cannabis lounge are the people who are actually smoking cannabis. Vaporization enthusiasts and ingestion enthusiasts cannot enjoy their cannabis experience when the air is muddled by cannabis combustion byproduct…or smoke. Smokers though are perfectly unaffected by vapor byproduct in the air.

This is why our speakeasies are highly oriented towards vaporization and combustion users are offered a segregated area to enjoy their mediums. Hash and low temperature vaporization is by far the more popular method of ingestion within our community and we fully support the idea of “vaporization lounges” that give combustion users an opportunity to enjoy a segregated area that has more attention and resources offered to ventilation and the consistent air quality that is needed to satisfy the state and the prohibitionists.

Many cannabis users suffer from PTSD and auto-immune system disorders and it is fully unconscionable to think they can patronize a claustrophobic indoor venue with low ceilings and no natural light. This is why our Canna Clatch community socials have been such a popular choice by veterans and seniors and introverted OMMP members who long for cannabis community but cannot patronize “lounges” as they have/had no attention given to “feng shui” and the idea of “small, intimate, social gatherings”. Having appropriate ventilation and respect for personal space is but a small portion of what will be expected by the cannabis community at large in the coming years.

Another future aspect of cannabis social venues will be the hybrid business that does not subscribe to the current “single-context” cannabis license that allows you to dispense, deliver, process, and sell……the future will offer barbers, cafes, eateries, movie theaters, and all ranges of hybrid businesses that adopt a cannabis theme so that patrons can feel as though their cannabis community has a place to enjoy different experiences.

The normalization and ethical re-adoption of cannabis in our society will culminate into a scenario where cannabis is sold in our super markets tax free next to all of our other food-staples. People will grow for themselves, but also procure cannabis byproducts from commercial sources that they will bring out to their chosen social venue. This will be matched with social venues offering cannabis products that are exclusive and specific to their brand or company.

BYOC (bring your own cannabis) is going to be a normal aspect of cannabis community in the future however, people will expect to purchase cannabis products from all ranges of businesses and sources. It makes no sense at all to lock cannabis mercantilism to dispensaries when the plant will be sought out by people who will see no reason to make a “special stop” and the future will be full of delivery and special order services that are run by membership and subscription. The future of cannabis will be more ubiquitous in our culture than what alcohol currently enjoys and the ideology that we will tax this superfood and medicine is only but a short distortion in our shift towards an ethical society. The idea that we have to protect adults from air contaminants related to cannabis is also a short-sighted distortion that we will shift from very soon.




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