Oregon Primed to be Top Cannabis Destination in the World

Oregon is poised to be the top International Destination for Cannabis.  Here’s a top 10 List Tourist Draws and Reasons Why. 

A Developers Personal Top Ten List

Oregonians simply need to get the prohibitionist bureaucrats out of the way and offer a platform for the people’s opinions to be heard and make sure in every instance that local opinion rules Salem politicking. Cannabis has been legalized and Oregon has the resources and culture to become the top tourist destination for cannabis-enthusiast travelers. People who only know general information about Oregon, know that it’s vast natural resources and beauty, contrasting landscapes and variant ecosystems, and robust culture of farming, ranching, craft beer, vineyards, cheese, and abundant fruit and vegetables.

What many people don’t realize is that Oregon’s cannabis culture is poised to integrate with the rest of the best of the Pacific NW, around the state, we have some of the best restaurants, best coffee shops, city parks, and general walkability ratings of any city on the west coast. Portland, as well as all of the small towns and cities throughout the state all can and should have their own smattering of eateries, cafes, lounges, and social centers that cater to cannabis-oriented patrons and many of our issues with clean air and adult sovereignty can be alleviated by simply enforcing indoor ventilation systems that recycle the whole of the indoor square footage within a designated time. Systems like this are used throughout the commercial economy and the overhead is not dissimilar to running an electric motor that’s attached to a radon filter on many of Oregon’s antiquated homes.

Furthermore, Oregon has some lesser known resources that could play a major role in Oregon’s allure to cannabis-travelers and people who are seeking to experience a true liberation to their cannabis activities. We maintained a position that it is completely unethical to tax cannabis and it is going to be up to states to harness tourism and other ancillary dollars that cannabis can draw in to local economies. This forces entrepreneurship and makes regulation very difficult. The beauty is that cannabis does not need to be regulated, it simply needs to be freed. Our testing ecosystem here in Oregon is a joke and this is the area the state needs to pay attention to. This is where they can create a public service by keeping people safe from contaminants and forcing lab testing minimums for anything that reaches the retail market.

Outside of that, take the shackles off the plant and focus Salem lawmakers toward more pressing issues like getting Oregon’s schools back up to par, or getting our over-population and boom-bust bubble under control so that long-time residents aren’t disenfranchised by California moving up from drought.

Here is a list of reasons Oregon can be one of the most popular destinations in the world for cannabis-centric tourists and anyone who practices a healthy outdoor lifestyle:

1. Mt. Hood + Mt Bachelor Mountain Tourism
a. Snowboarders and Skiers the world over know that cannabis enhances the downhill experience and would jump at the opportunity to fly in to Portland or Bend and enjoy the best cannabis, food, and alpine activities available in the Pacific Northwest.
b. The Warm Springs Tribal Nation is conveniently located right between two major mountain destinations and has the authority to capitalize on the flow of tourists looking to experience a convenient vacation that allows them to use cannabis from the time they arrive to the time they depart, shuttling tourists off to either mountain in the winter and off to white water rapids in the summer.
c. White Water Rafting is an enjoyable outing that not many people realize is available all over the state of Oregon and especially good in the Hood, Jefferson, and Bachelor wilderness areas and many rafting outfits will be happy to offer themselves up as cannabis friendly and open to creating groups and outings that offer opportunities to imbibe and ride the rapids.
2. Portland Cuisine and Life Entertainment
a. Portland is poised to be a major epicenter for cannabis activity of any kind but the vast spectrum of food and entertainment makes it primed for integrating cannabis-related business models into the landscape. From the hundreds of cafes and bars, to eateries and strip clubs, almost no business owner will want to be left behind if they are allowed to utilize cannabis as a client draw on top of what they are already doing.
3. Multnomah Greyhound Track
  a. A major contemporary facility located just minutes outside of NE Portland has recently been purchased by the Grande Ronde Tribal Confederation and it’s proximity to the city center, Mt. Hood, the airport, and Tribal Nation of Warm Springs to the SE gives it a remarkably ideal spot to become the worlds first permanent cannabis mega-complex. Not only could the Tribal Nations of the Grande Ronde as well as Warm Springs mutually benefit from such a lucrative tourism and local business draw that the city and state would see a tenfold increase in cannabis tourism revenues if resources are collaborated and a synergistic policy toward development is used.
4. Central + Southern Oregon Outdoor Bed + Breakfast + Greenhouse Tours
 a. Southern and Central Oregon are known for it’s rich agricultural heritage and of course it’s outdoor cannabis capabilities. The warm, dry, sunny summers offer ideal conditions for farmers to grow huge 10-18 foot cannabis trees in 100+ gallon pots. Many cannabis aficionados thing that outdoor cannabis is substandard to quality indoor and are in for a cultural awakening when they are able to visit the farms and bed + breakfasts that will sprout up ready to cater to the people traveling through on I5 and wandering around the state on tourism trips. This economy will be akin to the present day wine and vineyard industry with the notion that cannabis offers a more integrated experience and people will enjoy visiting cannabis farms all throughout the growing season, not just when “the vines are bending with fruit”. All the small towns can offer small motels and bed and breakfasts because tourists will be needing to travel out to the farms, vineyards, and ranches that are set up to do daytime visit hours, much like how vineyards operate today.
 b. Much like our present day vineyards operate, future cannabis day-resorts will feature highly sophisticated greenhouse environments that house constant cultivation and varied groups of plants in a co-habited ecosystem. These vast indoor areas will be outfitted to host groups of people and give space to tasting sessions, events, and parties such as weddings and family reunions. Many of these cannabis farms will be able to cater in food and bring a truly organic experience to their patrons.
5. Warm Springs Tribal Nation
 a. Portland and Oregon is unique in that it has a major tribal nation within minutes of it’s biggest metropolitan area. The Mt. Hood Wilderness area separates the outer reaches of Portland sprawl and the NW corner of the Tribal Reservation. News has been leaking that the Tribal Nation of Warm Springs is collaborating with a Colorado company to field their own cannabis cultivation projects and there is very little being said about any economic development around tourism or commerce within the boundaries of the Tribal Nation.
 i. The geography itself of the reservation is starkly contrasted to that of Portland and the Willamette Valley. The dry high desert like conditions offer a sunny arid change from the valley conditions west of Mt. Hood’s chain and can offer recreation throughout the winter months when it’s raining in Portland.
ii. The proximity to Portland, and it’s centering to Mt. Bachelor make Warm Springs an ideal location for the Tribal Nation to develop projects that bring tourists in to their market where they can offer tax free or tax reduced cannabis products and the liberty to enjoy them.
iii. The proximity to the Multnomah Greyhound Track, if developed in to a cannabis mega-complex could bolster a major national cannabis tourism draw for both Tribal Nations to gain economic stability without the use of gambling or alcohol, both ethically at odds with Tribal Doctrine.
6. Rose Garden slash Moda Center slash PGE Park
 a. Portland has a state-of-the-art indoor arena that is a favorite for locals to catch a Trailblazer game or a live musical performance as well as a unique outdoor arena in NW for soccer. These arenas are of major cost to the local taxpayers and do nothing to give back to the local economy in terms of revenues and is commercial owned and run by corporate conglomerates that have marketing and liquor distributing rights. These venues can be opened up and regulated to be equally inviting to people looking to enjoy cannabis with their entertainment. Liquor has been a mainstay in our live-event ecosystem for far to long and it’s time that the people have equal opportunity to enjoy cannabis as well. The event venues can book cannabis friendly events and this will draw tourists in looking to be part of something that has never been accomplished before, a cannabis centric sporting event, concert, or trade show.
7. Portland & Oregon Sunday Parkway
 a. Many people notice that Portland and Amsterdam have three major things in common. It’s bicycle culture, it’s coffee shop culture, and the “overcast season”. Portland, during the temperate months of the year, opens up the designated parkways around the city to offer bicyclists and opportunity to get out and enjoy the city free of major traffic hurdles. It is common knowledge that cannabis enhances the pedaling experience just like it enhances any other physical activity and this “Sunday Parkway” program could be expanded to the whole of the state and cannabis tourists who are also bicyclists can enjoy an integrated experience that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. With some planning, whole areas such as the Pearl District could be rendered “car-less” on certain times so that biking can be freely enjoyed.
8. Oregon Coast
a. The lazy Oregon coast is a treasure unto itself because it is largely untapped from the rest of the United States tourism….only people who make the trek down and up 101 get to see many of the hidden treasures that make up the beautiful coastline. With more tourists coming into Portland, many will find their way out to the coast to enjoy whale watching, hiking, camping, and relaxing by a beach bonfire. Cannabis and the coast go together like birds of a feather so there’s no doubt that hotels and bed and breakfasts will become centric to cannabis tourism and local economies will be catering to alcohol-centric bar patrons as well as cannabis-centric patrons.
9. Glass Blowing Culture
  a. One of the most unknown vibrant subcultures of Oregon is the Glassblowing that is spread all over the western region of the state. Glass is very central to cannabis culture and as baby boomers normalize their activities with cannabis, glass collecting and glass tourism will become normal aspects of cannabis activity. Oregon has many world renowned glass-blowers and more and more are moving here to take part of in the vibrant economy and artist-supportive culture. Glass is used as a personal smoking device and people take great pride in owning something that resonates with their values. There is no reason to think that Oregon will become a mecca for glass-enthusiasts and people who may want to experience a first-hand account of how glass is blown and how glass-blowers work their wizardry. This industry has largely been ostracized by the Govt due to the Tommy Chong “bong incarceration” and will be exploding in the coming years and cannabis usage normalizes and wider segments of the economy go shopping for a personalized piece.
10. Craft Agriculture and Artisanal Economy

  a. Oregon’s vast agricultural economy is bolstered by it’s varied ecosystem, fertile soils, and long warm growing season. Cannabis tangents well with literally any other type of food or beverage so it is very likely that we will see an explosion of “Farm to Table” businesses that operate as a business front for a conglomerate of farms that have an abundance of fresh produce and products that are aptly used for combining with cannabis. People will quickly realize that what they are making, can be made better or more effective with cannabis and will offer products and experiences that cater to tourists and patrons that have traveled to experience and directly support a cottage industry and family businesses.


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