Pollyanna Panacea Cannabis People

Futurists Getting Shunned Everywhere


One of the biggest hurdles cannabis advocates have is that much of it’s beneficial attributes have only been shown through circumstantial evidence and longstanding prohibition has blocked large areas of study into the deep complexity and thus possibility this plant offers humans.  We have gone forward with industrial usages and have hybridized the plant for many different characteristics and needs that make those characteristics desirable.  It is very hard for an individual to ponder just what would have come of human macro-culture had entheogens and native civilizations not been demonized and extinguished by religious and state institutions.  This pondering though is not useless as it allows us to distill a value system for what we’re looking for going forward, having taken into account our history and the mistakes that lend themselves to wisdom if regarded in a meaningful way.  Cannabis advocates are some of the first people to understand that they have been victims of a propaganda program that stems over a century and implicates our justice, media, educational, and legislative systems as well as several industries.


Cannabis has a very long history with humans and has been implicated as being the very catalyst that brought humans into a agrarian culture, utilizing horticultural practices for the first time since discovering tools, fire, and the wheel.   Anyone who is still shedding their REEFER MADNESS programming will quickly realize, cannabis should have never been demonized, and that it is a co-evolutionary plant and consciousness, that is indeed a gateway entheogen and approved partner of many other entheogens found in the natural world.   We would not have made it as far as we have today as a species had we not had such a useful and beneficial plant partnered with us.


History and Re-Adoption through Contemporary Adaptation

Given that our history with cannabis stretches so far back, and is so complex, and so ubiquitous with quality of life and industriousness, it’s very difficult to try to ponder just what could be our reality if our society was to be able to adapt the wide spectrum of benefits from this plant, overnight……


The more complex question would be:  Given that the wide spectrum of benefits cannabis offers is made legal and available to people, will they shed their decades of programming and individually choose to utilize some form of cannabis derivative product?  (ie. personal care products, nutritional supplements, eating as a leafy vegetable, eating as a vegetable oil, seed oil or seed, protein isolate, beverage additive, as a skin enhancer – implying that there is no psychedelic or euphoriant experience connected with the usage)


This is where the Pollyanna Panacea card gets tossed out by many people who fit many different categories of human demographics.  People who purportedly don’t care what other humans do with their bodies and would like to see legalization occur for the sheer reason that the role of government is not to be involved with monitoring what people ingest into their bodies.  These specific individuals become incredulous when many of the more astounding aspects of entheogen ubiquitous-ness and normalization gets implicated by cannabis futurists…..aka the Pollyanna Panacea Plant People……


Look to Historical Europe for Reference

The cultural renaissance that occurred in Europe between the 14th and 17th century was said to be a bridge between the middle ages and the early modern age.  The concept of cannabis becoming adapted to the huge range of human issues will be directly compared to this shift in human cultural activity and re-adoption of humanistic values and re-discovery of entheogenic plants, classic Greek philosophical principles regarding Natural Law, the importance of art, and architecture and the importance of striving to be a creative polymath.


Cultural shifts and societal changes stack on top of each other and overlap in very sophisticated ways and it is very hard for cultural philosophers, statisticians, and historians to draw conclusions between cause and effect.  This same premise will be the same for cannabis and it will be very difficult to obtain a clear understanding of how exactly this plant will be specifically change our macro-culture and what is currently referred to as “the human condition”.


Futurism is Intertwined with Bio-Composites and Bio-Aggregates

Futurists are keeping a very close eye on specific technological breakthroughs that are being regarded as “revolutionary” or “paradigm changing” and these technologies span across all areas of human endeavor…..and include nanotechnology, polymer technology, bio-fuels and bio-resourcing and bio-aggregation including mycelium utilization for building and cannabis derivatives for building and creating high compression polymer resins.  These are technologies that could literally change, very quickly, the paradigm we live in and the way the average human spends their time and the average quality of life of the average human.


Cannabis is very unique in that it has incredible usefulness and we’re only starting to realize just what our technological know-how can do to make this plant even more helpful.  For instance, we’ve made a mockery of our environment through the use of petrochemicals, corporate farming, and timber bio-resourcing making our atmosphere significantly more polluted and has far ranging implications for climate change.  The industrial revolution had many positive results come from it but our disregard for Natural Law has given us a very poor situational understanding of how far from equanimity and homeostasis we’ve grown to be.  When you hold a piece of plastic in your hand, and you feel the essence of it, you get a very simple yet intuitive understanding of how we live in a totally artificial environment where resources are being plundered and wasted.  Take a moment and ponder the vast hugeness of the plastic vortex in the Pacific Ocean and you become a futurist looking to solve these issues through ingenuity.


Futurism With Outliers, Surprises, and Humanistic Revolution

Futurists or futurologists are people who make a specialty of researching and predicting possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present.  Cannabis researchers automatically get thrust into this position due to the plant’s massive implications for human utilization.  Making it ever-more complex for futurists is the truth that cannabis has spiritual and medicinal properties that are far more difficult to implicate into macro-human activity and decision-making.  Churches have gone to tremendous lengths to subjugate and kill people who utilize plant therapies and entheogens and this medicinal and entheogenic implication is exactly why – people without health or self-awareness are much easier to control.


In 2016, religion and religious institutions do not have cultural leverage that they once had and people more now than ever are making decisions out of true free will and rational understanding.  Secular culture is adapting cannabis very quickly and this is proven by the widespread usage by young people and individuals born after 1975.  This adaptation of personal usage of cannabis is clearly a generational phenomenon and this is one of the most polarizing of all the generational culture gaps that we can point out currently – with probably the internet and the utilization of non-geocentric relationships being even more obvious.


Lets not discount the massive X-Factor that is eluded to by the church’s longstanding subjugation of entheogens and native cultures – that entheogens inspire creativity and self-awareness and this in itself has the most serious implications for the global human paradigm.  Humanism as well as Altruism and Selflessness are extremely interesting factors to assess when attempting to visualize how cannabis will impact our cultural inertia.  We have tremendous suffering in the world because humans are indifferent to each other and have taken up identities that allow them to justify horrible actions towards one another.  Entheogens, at their core, help humans break down artificial identities and labels.  This is the meaningful nature of self-awareness and the intuitive understanding through gnostic experience that we are far more than our human minds can comprehend and that our small opinion of others is a projection of ourselves.



This sort of subject matter is a far cry from the “marijuana is safer than alcohol” paradigm that many “marijuana advocates” trumpet.  The ideology that we should commodify and regulate cannabis and regard it as another substance that is a social hazard to be managed by the state is massive injustice and an affront to intelligent understanding of what an entheogen is and what an intoxicant is.  Furthermore, cannabis is edible and utilizes a unique Endo-Cannabinoid receptor system that permeates every system of our human organism, and is a curative for many different human ailments and this would ethically put it off limits to taxation and draconian regulation.


Cultural shifts happen locally and in the present but they can only be measured retrospectively and cumulatively.  This lends itself to the phrase “The victors write the books” and that history is always tarnished by the subjective colorings of the historian.  This is a very interesting notion when attempting to assess the shifts cannabis will have on our culture from the standpoint of creativity and value systems around creativity and happiness.  Entheogens in general are known for breaking humans from the shackles of patterned thinking and this leads to creative breakthroughs and shifts in perception of known challenges – finding solutions where they may have never been sought without the perceptual shift that entheogens supply.  This is the so-called X-Factor – the combination of humans becoming both more creative, more self-aware, more healthy, and making a shift towards a more “Humanistic” general approach to living and resources.  Again, with this area of postulation, it is very important to account for the fact that cannabis is a gateway entheogen and implications for many other entheogens need to be accounted for when assessing the “X-Factor”.


Generation Catalyst – The “Spark-Off”

This new humanistic creativity that is sparking-off in the younger generation is going to have momentous affect on public policies as Generation X takes up positions in legislative bodies and start representing the same-age voters who share ideologies and cultural values.  It is obvious to say that much of our cultural woes stem from previous generations perpetuating artificial economies, artificial resources and commodity systems based on their inability to see “big-picture” or to see “long-picture” implications of their choices.  This is obvious by the current nuclear crisis, pharmaceutical crisis, oil fracking, deep-water drilling, and running thousands of miles of pipeline across land and water while cutting down trees for building resources.  In America, we were able to recognize that out-right slavery doesn’t coalesce with our ideology of liberty but we’ve never come to terms with the institutional slavery that has been created with the industrial revolution and urbanization of our culture.


This new humanistic creativity that was extinguished generations ago through institutional education and perverse religion is sparking-off in the younger generation is going to have even larger implications for the social institutions that already exist and will define the new ones.  This will be hugely impactful and will affect the current paradigm of living and the role of government.  Community and family is the fulcrum for which any civilization rises or falls and our shift into a more communal and humanistic paradigm will be catalyzed by humans utilizing cannabis and other entheogens on a regular basis.  New social institutions will be created to reflect the new value system and people will utilize the internet in conjunction with tried and true social constructs such as professional alliances and industry associations and agricultural commonwealths, and cultural societies that give platform for cultivating specific priorities or ideologies.


Everything is Local – The Unfolding of Creative Endeavor and Creative Collaboration

This brings us to everyday places like coffee shops, social lounges, and venues designed to offer people space for socializing or creative pursuits.  Today, booze, coffee, and sugar dominate our culture and people are oriented towards impersonal consumption when they patronize these places.  Starbucks has made a science of how to get people to either leave immediately or stay and be comfortable tuning out of the world with musac and seating that isolates people.  What happens when social venues are epicenters for creativity and human endeavor?  What happens when people begin to relate to each other authentically and respect each other through mutual understanding?  The artistic, creative, and agricultural societies of the future will look eerily similar to today’s religious institutions in that they will fulfill many of the altruistic and humanistic services that religious institutions have feebly attempted to provide….food, shelter, medicine for the least inclined.


One aspect of human reality that comes to the forefront when using entheogens is aesthetics – or the philosophy of beauty and art and the integrated or non-integrated state of things.  This needs to be assessed when pondering the future of our social institutions…even ones viewed as mundane as coffee shops and lounges.  The European renaissance proved to us that a great expansion of human creativity and creative endeavor is engendered in all positive human shifts – this is seen in any historic cultural shift around the world – art, industry, and technology flourish and the free flow of information is what catalyzes the explosion in human self-awareness and the natural need to express oneself creatively that comes with this explosion.  An integrated and creative existence is what the Greeks philosophized about – a great society of people oriented towards their personal understanding and creative expression.



It’s an antiquated joke to envision tie-dyed hippies sitting in a circle passing a joint and while they speculate what the world would be like if everyone “smoked weed”.  Futurism is serious stuff and the implication of entheogens in our evolution and future activities is very hard to grasp with our small human brains….there are just too many variables to consider!   There is no telling what the world could end up being like once the “100’th Monkey” tipping point is passed and the realization that all of our resources are abundant and that we can easily live with 8 billion people on this earth without the current paradigm of entropy and manipulated resources and markets that justifies scarcity consciousness, aggressiveness and religious dogmatism.


PLATO’S CAVE – Necessity Leads Invention Investigation

This is where the Pollyanna Panacea Cannabis People get shunned by the naysayers, the people who haven’t invested in any personal research into bio-resources, haven’t personally ingested any psychedelics or entheogens, and haven’t researched history to any meaningful degree.  Sometimes these naysayers come from religious backgrounds where “sobriety” is valued, other people have had histories of addiction and see cannabis to be just another “drug” that offers an escapist-minded person an easy and inexpensive escape.  Many times these are just narrow-minded people who can’t be bothered to think about the future or it’s implications for their culture, for them, and for the future of humans en masse.  These are the same people who look to their government for solutions and can’t be bothered to take individual responsibility for the ills of society or can’t be bothered to be sovereign in their self-awareness and identity.  Other people, and these are worst sociopaths, are the individuals who deliberately denigrate the benefits of cannabis and that of Natural Law so that they can profit from some form of industry or human suffering.  Cotton, canola, dairy, lumber, petro, corn, sugar, booze, tobacco, pharma and all huge industries employing millions of people and they all have a vested interest in not seeing their profits decline due to people seeing the fallacy of their pertinence.  When you expand your awareness to include the justice system, prison and military industrial complex – your futuristic notions of people respecting one another might be hard to grasp…….there’s a tremendous body of people that still need to begin their personal renaissance and detach from their fabricated identity.


Thrust Froward – Have Patience and Acceptance

Do not let the naysayers get you down.  Instead, endeavor to live in a way that represents your value system and try to be attentive to where you are infringing on others as well as victimizing yourself.  With the help of the plant and the rest of the natural world, we’ll realize that we’re here to flourish and be in abundance and that we need to have patience with our fellow human and allow them space and time to make their own personal shift and discard of their old identities and value systems.


GREEN REVOLUTION - An Infographic From the Altruistic StrainHunters outlining exactly how Generation X is going to revise the economy, the environment, access to entheogens, and use Cannabis to do it.
GREEN REVOLUTION – An Infographic From the Altruistic StrainHunters outlining exactly how Generation X is going to revise the economy, the environment, access to entheogens, and use Cannabis to do it.

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