Recreational vs Medical Cannabis: THE FALLACY

The Altruistic StrainHunters takes on the ethical dilemma we've found ourselves in trying to regulate an entheogen, fuel, food, fiber, and medicine.
The Altruistic StrainHunters takes on the ethical dilemma we’ve found ourselves in trying to regulate an entheogen, fuel, food, fiber, and medicine.
1.  activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.

  1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Humans recreate, we’re born to.  If given a choice to toil, or relax, a recreational attitude prevails with all of us except the most heavily morally programmed.  This human tendency is balanced with the philosophy of pure creative inspiration and the notion that inspired activity is no different than “play” and that recreation and industriousness can actually coincide nicely in the lives of humans everywhere.


Where does inspiration come from?  How does inspiration remain consistent in one’s life?  How can humans live creatively and inspired on a moment to moment basis?  How can your inspirations come from your own authentic value system?


These are age-old questions and difficulties that the Greek Philosophers spent much energy contemplating.  Many of them came to different conclusions about the self, where inspiration originates, and how art should be regarded by the macro-culture but they all agreed that a creative society, one that respects and regards art, is an inspired society, and probably a very happy and healthy society…..this is what they referred to as the philosophical society.

Entheogens Have Always Been There

These questions however, cannot be asked without implicating entheogens of all sorts.  It is a very tricky thing for humans who favor a “sober reality” to assume they are mature adults when they have not taken the introspective plunges that entheogens offer.  This is the great perpetration of religion of the church and the religion of the state to control the masses through offering intoxicants and manmade poisons while disbarring them from using natural plant-based medicines and teachers that offer them deeper perspectives of the self and of their surroundings.  Moralism is a slippery slope and the moralism of sobriety is one of the worst forms of self-initiated restriction of perspective – chaining yourself, by free will, within your own personal cave with your own personal shadow creatures.


Entheogens have a part to play in our future because they have had an integral part in our past.  Teacher plants have been revered by Native Civilizations the world over and much of their knowledge was suppressed and lost through the purposeful eradication of native tribes, their elders and shamans and any artifacts they would have left behind.


Secret societies, mystery schools, and occult groups all revere entheogens and their psychedelic counterparts for their capability of offering self awareness and expanded consciousness as well as many other benefits that are as subjective as anything ever experienced.  They are respected and their handling is done with symbolic repose and people are initiated (see baptized) through the immersion into their subconsciousness and introduced to higher consciousness found behind the plants themselves and with the potential for personal gnosis so revered in shamanism and gnostic spiritualism – the higher aspects of ourselves.

The Endo-Cannabinoid System as a Right to Partnership

This brings us back to the original subject of recreational vs medical cannabis and the juxtaposition this plant is having to live through due to our distorted relationship with entheogens and plant medicines.  Naturopathy has given way to Allopathy and our modern medical establishment has lost credibility.  People are realizing that if you’re not utilizing your endo-cannabinoid system, you’re probably going to be unhealthy in some manner, at some point, no matter what you do with all the other healthy choices you make with your body, throughout your life.  The ECS is so integrated into all of our internal bodily systems, including the central nervous system and brain, that it has made our medical establishment obsolete due to the reactive nature and “problem chasing” aspect of allopathic medicine while they ignore the ECS.


The truth is, not a single human can visually describe recreational cannabis in contrast to medical cannabis.  This differentiation is a fallacy, created by prohibitionists, statists, and speculators who want to reach their material goals through profit on a new commodity.  Cannabis is an agricultural commodity, a medicine, an entheogen, a food resource and a natural right to humans.  To designate taxes and criminality around the use of a natural plant is failure of our understanding of ethics and what it means to value a base-humanistic-tendency to love, be selfless, and practice altruistic habits.


Divide and conquer is the modus operandi of the church and state and this has been a lever of control within religion by giving labels, ranks, insignia, titles, and tenancy to some humans and not others.  Humans are born onto the earth with nary a prejudice and we have to be heavily indoctrinated to want to take on titles, take on group identities, and dictate to others what is good for them or what is a good way to be.  This is the poisonousness of morality and there is no coincidence that the humans at the highest ranks of church and state have zero direct experience with entheogens and do not practice altruism or self awareness in any meaningful way.  These people are drawn to power, drawn to moralism, and drawn to group identity and prowess of title over others.  This does not coincide with entheogen usage.

Dividing the People Using a Facade of Labels + Words

This perpetuated fallacy of creating a platitude of polarity between “RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA” and “MEDICAL MARIJUANA” is a means for control and subversion.  More titles, more labels, more identities, MORE DIVISION!


Division is the goal, unity and cohesiveness is powerful and self power, once discovered, cannot be taken away and this is the reason why the REAL SACRAMENTS have been removed from weekly communion throughout religions the world-over.  Discovering yourself and the nature of reality is an experience that leaves people without much use for churches, books, priests, and the whole of the religious dogmatic structures that have existed since the great fabled city of Babylon.  Self-authenticated spiritualism is afar cry from group-think and bias-confirmation that pervades religion and statism and it should be the goal to leverage democracy to elect representatives at all levels who can attest to having made their shift towards sovereignty and respect entheogens even if they do not choose them for themselves.

Shifting From a Past of Bigotry and Denigration

Our culture, here in America, is still shifting out of religious and self-persecution-laden histories….where civil rights have had to be fought for through blood and battle.  Racism, bigotry, dogmatism, ethnocentrism, and outright disrespect for pluralism has been a framework of American history and although we have one of the most enlightened documents ever conceived for the use of societal living, we still step in the stinky feces of our past every single day through the perpetuation of the drug war and it’s ancillary rackets.   We put people in cages for the use of a plant.  We forfeit assets to the government without trial or presumed innocence our constitution is supposed to anchor for us.


Part of this drug war is the “new economy” of speculating on the backs of humans using a plant for their personal wellbeing.  It’s a very ethical thing to grow and sell clean, high quality cannabis, however the ethical balance changes the moment you charge onerous fees through licensing, create taxation schemes, and create barriers like residency and background checks.  None of this can be conceived in an ethical society where human health, happiness, and free will to make choices for themselves are respected.  We have an bodily integrated absorption system evolved specifically for the compounds found in abundance in the cannabis plant and for this reason, we cannot possibly make an arbitrary commodity market from it where speculators and governments dip their material fingers into the “honey jar”.

New Era of Ethical Capitalism Mixed with Spiritualism

Money and capitalism have been frameworks of American History just the same as racism and bigotry and this juxtaposition of a entheogen within our society is slowly becoming acknowledged by people who have taken the time to make a personal relationship with plant teachers, and others who staunchly respect 1st Amendment rights in whatever form religious or speech practices take….as long as you’re not harming or denigrating others….freedom to worship and take sacrament should be respected.


We will ALL gain through the widespread adaptation of cannabis and cannabis-based technologies within our culture, economies, and societies.  This “gain” however, will be most noticeable in the shift of humans away from bigotry, away from group identity, and away from indoctrination perpetrated by their religious and educational institutions.  This takes widespread use of entheogens and a re-adoption of a value-system that coincides with the Greek’s definition of the “Philosophical Society” that incorporates altruism, pluralism, and full acceptance that we are all the same, regardless of creed, color, or origin and we work introspectively to shed labels and identities and to become spiritually and emotionally sovereign.

New Era of Partnership and Re-Adoption

Our first step in this, is dissolving the fallacy of recreational vs medical cannabis users.  We are humans, using our ENDO-CANNABINOID system, creating homeostasis throughout our various autonomic and somatic systems.  There is no ethical validity in keeping a plant medicine away from humans through taxation and regulation.  We realize this as a society, and all of our historic plant teachers can come back into our lives and we can begin to be good for goodness sake on a macro-scale.


4 thoughts on “Recreational vs Medical Cannabis: THE FALLACY

  1. Nonsense, would you also say that alcohol can not be used recreationally or even overused to the point of drunken death? Cannabis can be used recreationally it is what the vast majority use Cannabis for to enjoy food more enjoy music more, for religious contemplation, enjoy sex or companionship, walking, biking, travel are all nice with Cannabis. I really do not understand why people seem to think there is no recreational use, they are as bad as the folks that used to say there is no medical use for Cannabis, ridiculous. Did they forget how much they laughed when they first smoked Cannabis? Recreational use of Cannabis is real and alive, and I am proud to be a recreational smoker. You say “Divide and conquer is the modus operandi of the prohibitionists” well then why divide recreational and medical use? They are both noble uses.

    1. Angel Vasquez, great reply and thank you for participating in our blog. You hit the nail on the head and your comment aligns with the first sentence of this post. We are here to recreate!
      The whole point of this post is to put focus on the arbitrary labels that our government is forcing upon people. You yourself are happy to take on a label of “recreational user”.

      Our point to make is that all cannabis usage is “personal” and “subjective” and “unique” to the person and time and setting in which the plant is used. Labels for identity, labels for orientation are completely arbitrary and facilitate the “divide and conquer” strategy that has worked so well on us.

      The post’s points were never trying to explain away “recreational use” – humans do literally everything under recreational pretenses – even create pain!

      The vast majority, that is to say all cannabis users use the plant for personal reasons and there is a receptor system inside our bodies that negates any reason to force us to become “recreational” vs “medical”. We are all #Cannasapiens and it’s our government attempting to create a new racket and taxation scheme that your chosen identity facilitates.

      1. I truly enjoy reading on this website, it has great posts. R0;Don&#82172t put too fine a point to your wit for fear it should get blunted.” by Miguel de Cervantes.

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