Of the People, For the People

August 11th marks the day when the federal government makes its announcement as to whether any modification to the Controlled Substances Act would be made with regards to Cannabis.

As we have stated in previous posts, De-scheduling is the only liberty-enacting action the government can take and this action rests on the premise that the American People accept the non-Constitutionality of the C.S.A. at face. Even a person with nominal understanding of “drugs” and the pantheon of substances listed on the CSA can point out that the list has no validity as weighed towards the criteria used to create the list. This non-validity, and the lack of connection to our current reality in America where it’s plain to see that we’re under the dark ages of a mental health crisis with facets of addiction and emotional distortion being impressed upon the citizenry by the psychiatric establishment.

Of the People For the People - Canna Clatch dot Info
The #AltruisticStrainHunters and #Cannasapiens do not let the context of the argument get dictated to them.  We are defending the constitution, not petitioning the government. 

With this being said – The DEA decided the status quo shall remain and a few more opportunities for medical research will be offered…….

Leafly did a great write up of the status quo and listed the “ipso facto” – catch22 notion of no medicinal value because no medical research is being allowed to be executed.

Again, this write-up from Leafly was fantastic but it fails to reject the context and framework being handed to us by the federal government.

As #Cannasapiens who can see #Truth and are not afraid to spread it – its important for us to fight for the larger picture and not fall prey to false arguments that victimize us and turn us into “plaintiffs” when we have the Constitution and history on our side:

Natural Security & Strategic Resource
Cannabis is a Natural Security Resource and an imperative tool to combat the rise in carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It also has been found that humans have a specifically evolved receptor system that takes in the compounds found in cannabis and brings our bodies to a greater state of homeostasis – in essence, this plant is a “Mammalian Security Resource”.

A Lever For Mass Triggering of Victim-Role Conditioning – Historical Ties to Racism and Bigotry
Cannabis can and should be reclaimed in it’s rightful name and definition by the citizenry of the states and reject, at face, any use of the term “Marijuana/Marihuana” and it’s arbitrary definition relating THC to the people as a “public nuisance” and the notion that there is a vanilla-flavored cannabis plant called “hemp” that is OK to work with given the pretense that you’ve paid your government a fee to operate agriculturally and you’re zoned according to their wishes.

Constitutional Protection
Cannabis should be given veneration as a 1st Amendment-right-protected plant and the activity of imbibing it’s properties should be given protection as a religious expression. Cannabis not only has specific and general medicinal value, but has entheogenic properties that cannot be ignored. Spiritualism and cannabis cannot be separated and within the construct of religious liberty, usage of a plant and it’s constituent substances, while not infringing on anyone else, should be respected at the Federal Level. Religious and Spiritual Expression is central to our living document and as a #GatewayEntheogen, Cannabis and Human history is very intricately interwoven.

Clear Nepotistic Ties Observed Within Government and Corporations (Also known as Fascism) Cannabis as a partner-plant to humans over thousands of years is an agricultural resource that can impact both the micro and macro economies immediately. Statistics have shown that growing cannabis in a personal garden can relieve stress and reduce blood pressure – while farming cannabis on a large scale offers soil remediation without the need of fertilizer additives. The DEA is funneling corporate activity into “Government Sanctioned” areas of endeavor while: Individual Parties, Non-Profits, Religious Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Citizen-led social groups are kept out of the funnel. Keeping the shackles on innovation and expansion of a new kind of economy that is firmly supported by a renewable resource is the central reason the DEA keeps cannabis within it’s web. With the knowledge that cannabis, when grown abundantly, can be used to create housing structures for people without homes, and the seed can be used to create a dozen different nutritional staples that can be eaten by humans and animals alike – you can assess the “big picture” of what the DEA perceives will occur if all 50 states are left up to their own courtesy to make legislation.

De-Centralization of Economy and Rise of Crypto-Currencies backed by Bio-Commodities
Cannabis, with it’s widespread usefulness, can be used as a commodity backing for a currency and new currencies can be created based off the regional economies of cannabis resources and markets. Cryptocurrencies will be the central theme as we go forward into the “Post-Dollar Era” that will be inspired by a need to find a different regulatory tool than that of our current central banking cartel model. The Federal Reserve has a massive interest in keeping things illicit and it would be naive to think that there isn’t pressure on the DEA by the central banking cartels to maintain the status quo towards a plant that could ignite a new economy that is larger than anything we’ve seen since the discovery of petro-chemicals. The green & sustainable economy will be huge, and it will incorporate more than just cannabis – but cannabis will be a central theme to a new paradigm of human to human activity and human to plant activity. The most important thing to understand about this point is that cannabis “decentralizes the economy” and this centralization is fundamental to the control that exerted on our fiat currency, housing market, and access to capital.

De-Urbanization and De-Consumerization of our Culture
(Return to Horticulture and Husbandry)
Cannabis is a tool for #SelfAgency and it’s a simple observation that people who live in urban centers have given over their self agency to subscribe to a consumer model that leaves them victim to the ebbs and flows of highly manipulated markets of wall street and petro commodities. When the cost to produce or bring food to market is increased, the majority of Americans are affected directly because they have no means of production of staple resources. This urbanization of our culture could not have been possible without prohibition and the direct manipulation of the means of production by government through subsidies and insurance ponzi schemes. An observation of the American agricultural landscape renders the viewer with a picture that contains very few private parties and a whole heap of corporations and “mega-farms” that operate exactly like a corporation where profit is privatized but the risk is socialized. When you extrapolate how bio-fuels reduce the cost of transportation, and bio-resources reduce the cost of material for housing and vital structures – only then do you start to realize the hugeness of the new human renaissance that is upon us. Why did people flood to the city? Jobs, economic opportunity that was not present in the small towns and rural areas – this paradigm gets inverted the moment that the cost of living in the country becomes unprecedentedly low due to the change in how the economy is perceived and how our currency is backed.


The New “Mobile Local Culture” Era

Cannabis can create bio-composites that are higher quality than current petro-chemical products and bio-fuel can be farmed and produced at a fraction of the cost of shipping huge cargo-carriers of crude oil across the ocean. If you put these two understandings together and extrapolate what this means across a 50 state economy and the vast agricultural landscape that is ready to be harnessed for the specific use of growing cannabis instead of exports that bring profits to private parties while taking the commodities overseas to foreign markets due to domestic markets being subsidized into oblivion. The subsidies are not needed, the exportation is not needed, and when fuel and composite material are widely available for cheap, Americans will realize the new human era of personalized air travel and will finally catch up to Europe and Asia with high-speed-rail that connects our coasts and major urban hubs across the breadbasket. Taking the notion that high-impact resin composites can be mass produced and bio-fuel can be grown across vast acreages of America where fuel is processed geographically close to where it is harvested, the relative cost of living decrease compared to today’s levels will be significant. Synergy between solar and biofuel energy systems on domestic structures will revolutionize how people choose to live – with access to the internet being the last resource that is required to be off-grid but wired in.

Accurate and Truthful Information is the Power Over Propaganda
The important issue here is that information is power, and if the American people can be educated as to what exactly is at stake for our children’s future and the world that they are handed over. The government wants to contextualize this as a need for safety and all historical and present data lends that cannabis as a whole or any of it’s individual constituent compounds have zero harm-potential for humans or animals. The impact of propaganda is severe and America has a history of racial bigotry and dogmatic religiosity that takes time to kill off people who do not evolve their thinking and can be taken advantage of by a government that has taken the role of paternalistic obstructionist.

What would rational people do if they new the wide potential of removing the government shackles from a plant with so much potential to improve the mean average quality of life of so many Americans? Would we march to our Capitol Steps to inspire our Governors to lead a special congress that our Federal Legislative Branch has neglected to take responsibility for? It is this branch that was designed to be the first protection against tyranny as the voice of the constituency – we can see that this government no longer serves the people.

Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Of the People, For the People Part II (Peaceful Civil Disobedience)
If we take all the pretenses listed in Part I of this Series for fact, how might people act peacefully to incite the fastest, most direct route towards declassification of cannabis and a restoration of sovereignty to the states to create their own individualized laws?
Many might say that writing letters to your legislators is the “American Way” and if enough people send little pieces of flattened timber pulp to their legislators, they will see the imperative need to draft legislation that can be argued in the house and brought to vote.

Normally I would agree that this protocol works, but in this context, with indentured politicians all over the country perpetuating the two party duo-opoloy that stifles innovation and subverts the will of the free market – they cannot be accountable to taking the most efficient steps towards making this plant accessible to all.
Instead it is time for states to take their sovereignty back through more direct means. If the citizenry worked at showing up all on the same day, at the capitol, to petition the governor to take emergency action to appease the will of the people, but also to petition a governors congress that can incite the 10th Amendment and create a new context for which the DEA’s capabilities are deeply curtailed and any cases related to cannabis have to funnel across the governors desk before it can take steps towards confiscating or destroying property.

If the states, through their governors, take the control of the active portion of the Federal Justice Department, the DEA, the teeth and claws of the Federal Boogeyman will be removed. Removing the DEA’s jackboot capability of asset forfeiture will allow the fear and intimidation portion of the decades of propaganda that has demonized cannabis from our agricultural base. The governors who are the most forward-thinking will want to publically subsidize the first wave of agricultural endeavors and have public trusts that can invest in processing equipment so that a supply chain that is rational for the geography and agricultural capability of their region.

Peaceful Canna-Encampment
Peacefully encamping yourself upon the capitol steps on the same day as all of your fellow citizens across the country will be the catalyst that enables our governors to take action collectively and create an immediate buffer between the federal justice department and the citizenry. The citizenry can make their message simple, that they would like their 10th Amendment enacted immediately with regards to plant horticulture and would like an emergency memorandum drafted by their governors that safeguards DEA subjugation of state-sovereign citizens who are active in cannabis horticulture on a personal scale. No forfeit of assets can occur, no destruction of plant property can occur, unless the governor implicitly agrees.

A new poll just came out that speculates that 1/8th of Americans now admit to using cannabis regularly. Visualize a scene where 1/8th of each state’s adult citizenry shows up on the capitol steps and encamps themselves until the governor is inspired to action. That visualization should include shutting down city hall because 1/8th of a states population is more than any sports stadium can hold at one time. This encamped protest can communicate freely with others in other states and news of governors conspiring with each other as pressure rises to act can be immediately shared as progress is accumulated.

Many people will ask questions as to whether a governor can enact an emergency voting session, or enable temporary laws that can alleviate social stress. Many people will ask whether signatures need to be accumulated and a ballot spot secured through traditional means. All of these answers are available to the people, once they are encamped on the steps of the capitol and are solidary in their need for immediate safety from the feds, and insistent on rule-making to gain traction in the new renewable resource economy.

If 1/8th of the states population took every first workday of the month and showed up at their capitol until some form of concession came from the governor’s office, we would see a special congress created very quickly. It’s time for the American people to test the foundations of our country and make a peaceful shift and to force a new context for change that doesn’t allow brutality and violence against citizens to occur and racial injustice to perpetuate. It’s time frame this problem as a human rights issue and that humans matter more than governments, or what governments want.


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