Row We Will

Noah built a big ass boat but the size is never fathomable.  Neither is the capacity of our minds.  Noah put all the animals on his big ass boat and survived some sort of longstanding deluge.  Your mind, while connected to your heart, contains all the animals and cubbies for animals and your ark is centered in the middle of a watery pool known as your headspace.  

The deluge is that of a spiritual naivety – you forgot you built this huge complicated labyrinth of an ark, and came to a blue ball where YOU PLAY NOAH, and it’s your job to save all the animals.  It’s your boat, no one else built it, free will makes it what it currently is.

In realization of your stewardship, you realize you can’t save shit, unless your ark is patched up and in good working order.  You realize there is no human way to save every single animal in the world and in this you see the smallness and largeness of your mission.  On your side is the fractal nature of the One in everything, ready to respond like water may respond to the hull of a boat.  

Patch your heart, patch your ark and treat others as though they too are working towards the day when the burden of the world is released into the watery depths beneath them and their only recourse is to love themselves first and foremost and from that we all float forever.  


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