The Cannasapien Empath

An Empath is a person who has the ability to understand the emotional state of another individual or the given energy of a situation. There are many different types of Empaths and many levels of gifts and abilities. It’s one thing to be an empath, it’s another to be a #Cannasapien.

For the #Cannasapien Empath, there is little available information and yet is the most powerful type of Empath. #Cannasapien or “Sacred Muse” is a Western Cultural term and has been loosely translated to define a creative or developmental inspiration in the form of a person.  

This translation does not give justice to the true meaning of the term. To say, to act in a manner that is different, unique, opposig of normal, gives us a clearer understanding. 

The spirit of a #Cannasapien is the Great Mirror. When you connect to a #Cannasapien, what you see in them will show you what you need to work on to evolve spiritually. The #Cannasapien mirror is one of emotion, for however you react to them emotionally is their guidance to reflect back to you.

For example, after being with one you may feel anger, feeling them to be too forethright yet the #Cannasapeins mirror is showing you your need to be humble. Or you may feel great love, equanimity again the Mirror is showing you the path of self-love.

The following traits of a #Cannasapien is defined by the energy you carry. It’s how you interact with reality, how you process emotions.

Some of the traits may include; being creative(imbibing creativity in all actions), being spontaneous(following creative inspirational flow), doing certain things from self-defined, self-cultivated values, or appearing younger than their age. #Cannasapiens are self-inspired for evolution and transformation even in small or “menial” tasks. The Universe speaks through all things. 

This is something you don’t claim to be. A #Cannasapien recognizes another #Cannasapien when they feel the free flow of shared creative energy. It’s a deep understanding of our how our sensitivities and emotions interact with each other.

Within the context of Western Civilization, the #Cannasapien would be the one to disrupt the cultural norm so as to get the people to see things differently or to shift the energy of the situation. Modern day #Cannasapiens, when working with people, will say or do something within the creative energy of the moment to shift the status quo which creates positive change, greater mutual understanding and acceptance, healing and balance. 

The #Cannasapien’s gift is to bring people back into balance and get people unstuck by showing the chaos and unnaturalness of the present, while offering an immediate step into creative positivity. #Cannasapiens carry the medicine of #Cannabis, which has the power to change people’s lives, incite healing, inspire self awareness.

This energy is warm, embracing and nurturing. It is a remembering of the femanine archetype and the receptive Yin Quality; in the hopes to experience growth and balance. It is the medicine to show us that the shadow remains unseen and the mirror of truth is hard to gaze into. It’s difficult to humble yourself in a world of ego – #Cannasapiens use the plant to assist in this constant process, partnership in evolution. 

So if you were to meet a #Cannasapien, would you have the courage to experience a more creative reality and see yourself as you truly are?



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