What is the Right to Grow?

hus·band·ry ˈhəzbəndrē/ noun   1. the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals. “crop husbandry”   synonyms: farm management, land management, farming, agriculture, agronomy   2. management and conservation of resources.   synonyms: conservation, management   Recently, with an Altruistic StrainHunter in another state, we discussed at length the major contemporary differences between a “production state” and a “non-production […]

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Kidney Tonic Recipe for Reversing Oxidation and Aging

The Altruistic StrainHunters would like to introduce some healing alchemy. The following ingredients all individually are known for both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  Mixing these together offers the body a powerful healing tonic to deal with ongoing effects of aging and eating inorganic and processed foods.  Even for a healthy person, this tonic can be used […]

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The Altruistic StrainHunters have compiled an updated list of CBD Dominant Cannabis Strains. DOWNLOADABLE LIST CBD stands for Cannabidiol and has gained huge acclaim in the last half dozen years as a cannabinoid that has tremendous medical and therapeutic value but does not have the euphorant value of THC. Breeders have attempted to stay in […]


Put It In Your Ass Jimmy Carter

How Jimmy Can Skip the Cancer Nightmare and Make a Full Recovery Jimmy Carter recently revealed to the public that his brain cancer hadn’t totally been fought off and that he’s finding new “spots” that he is willing to fight.  We’re happy to reveal below, plenty of evidence that Jimmy may want to start making […]

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Pollyanna Panacea Cannabis People

Futurists Getting Shunned Everywhere   One of the biggest hurdles cannabis advocates have is that much of it’s beneficial attributes have only been shown through circumstantial evidence and longstanding prohibition has blocked large areas of study into the deep complexity and thus possibility this plant offers humans.  We have gone forward with industrial usages and […]

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Perpetuating Propaganda

Hold Your Fellow Cannabis Advocate Accountable   How many times have you questioned everything you know?  How many times have you read something that goes counter to what you understand, and it creates a painful static within your head?  This is called cognitive dissonance and it should be a major part of any reasonable human’s […]

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